Wednesday, April 20, 2016

#BookReview - Finding Fraser

Finding Fraser

By: KC Dyer
Publisher: Berkley
Publication Date: May 2016
ISBN: 978-0399584367
Reviewed by: Jennifer Tilley-Voegtle
Review Date: April 21, 2016

Finding Fraser by KC Dyer brings to life a die-hard, quirky, fan of the Outlander series on a mission to find her own version of a fictional 18th century Scottish hero. Emma Sheridan is a barista, on the cusp of her 30th birthday, and ready for a major life change. Fired from her coffee shop job and tired of the life she has made for herself in Chicago, she sets out on a journey across Scotland in an attempt to find a man as amazing as Jamie Fraser, the lead male character in the Outlander series. Emma has been in love with Outlander and the hero, Jamie Fraser, since she was 19. Taking her fate into her own hands, she travels to Scotland to find a Scottish man with all the same amazing qualities.

To prepare for her campaign to find her perfect Scot, Emma sells off all her worldly possessions except her laptop and a few personal items. Before the trip begins she creates a blog to keep track of her adventures, and more often misadventures! Much to the consternation of her younger sister, she sets out to travel from Chicago to New York where she plans to fly out of JFK airport to Scotland. On her way to New York, Emma takes a detour into Philadelphia to attend a romantic fiction conference. Set to appear at the conference, is “Herself,” Diana Gabaldon, the creator of Jamie Fraser. Emma is convinced the opportunity is an obvious sign that she must attend to speak with Ms. Gabaldon to get her advice on how to find her own Jamie.

Once on the greyhound bus and traveling to Philadelphia, Emma has a major panic attack somewhere near Pittsburg. Thanks to the advice of a kind female police officer and her Ativan, Emma is back on the road to Philly. After multiple wild mishaps with some very lively characters, on her trip to Philly and then on to New York, Emma finally sets out for Scotland. The trip around Scotland turns out to be everything she dreamed it would be and more! She tours the country in the footsteps of the female character from Outlander, Claire Fraser, discovering fascinating historical places but no Scottish hero. Continuing her search into the Highlands, Emma finds herself low on cash, and patience, in the small town of Nairn. In that small Highland town, where everyone knows everyone, Emma begins to find her place in the world even if she has yet to find her own Scottish hero.

Throughout the book there are numerous laugh out loud moments and plenty of references to Outlander. The story has many small similarities to Outlander that are purposely planted in the plot to call to the fans. A reader who has not had the pleasure of reading Outlander may enjoy this book but it is most likely a book for a fan anxiously waiting for Diana Gabaldon’s next release. The story takes some time to develop and the reader must be patient. There are numerous plot twists that seem to be disconnected but the author ties them all together nicely in the end. There are quite a few surprises and twists that the reader won’t see coming that are a delight to discover.

Quill says: A fun book for light-hearted reading with a motley cast of characters who are endearing and interesting.

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