Monday, September 14, 2015

Books In For Review

Here's another great looking batch of books that have just arrived for review.  Check them out and then stop by in a few weeks to read the reviews!

Making It Home (Time to Time Book 1) by Suzanne Roche When young Max finds a relic in an antique store, he is magically transported, along with his brother and stepsister, into the past. Suddenly, it's the turn of the twentieth century in New York City and Max, Peri, and Henry quickly realize they're not alone. In fact, they're among the hundreds of immigrants arriving at Ellis Island. Right away, the quest begins. As the children come to the aid of famous and ordinary people, they try to discover how they were sent back in time and what they have to do to get home. Only it isn't that easy. The pursuit for answers takes them to the tenements on the Lower East Side where they search for the key to solve their mystery.

A Simple Idea to Empower Kids: Based on the Power of Love, Choice, and Belief by Kathleen Boucher This book is about how kids can use the Law of Attraction to achieve anything they want. It is unique because it uses the power of love, choice, and belief to teach the Law of Attraction. It will help all kids achieve anything their hearts desire.  

Another Woman's Daughter by Fiona Sussman Celia Mphephu knows her place in the world. A black servant working in the white suburbs of 1960s Johannesburg, she’s all too aware of her limitations. Nonetheless, she has found herself a comfortable corner: She has a job, can support her faraway family, and is raising her youngest child, Miriam. But as racial tensions explode, Celia’s world shifts. Her employers decide to flee the political turmoil and move to England—and they ask to adopt Miriam and take her with them. Devastated at the prospect of losing her only daughter, yet unable to deny her child a safer and more promising future, Celia agrees, forever defining both their futures. As Celia fights against the shattering violence of her time, Miriam battles the quiet racism of England, struggling to find her place in a land to which she doesn’t belong—until the call of her heritage inexorably draws her back to Africa to discover the truth behind her mother’s choices and uncover a heartbreaking secret from long ago...  

Stones in the Road by E.B. Moore 1867. Growing up among the Pennsylvania Amish, eleven-year-old Joshua knows that his father is a respected church deacon who has the ear of God. But he’s also seen his father’s weakness for drink, and borne the brunt of his violent rages. In the aftermath of a disastrous fire, Joshua fears his father’s reprimand enough to run away from home. Having never experienced the ways of the English, Joshua now embarks on a decade-long journey to California, where he’s heard it’s always summer. His mother, Miriam, is forced to take on the unusual role of head of the family when her husband is unable to recover physically, emotionally, or spiritually from the fire. As mother and son each find themselves in uncharted territory, they must draw on strength and forgiveness from within. Urged by everyone to accept her son’s death, Miriam never gives up hope of seeing Joshua again. But even as her prayers are answered so many years later, Joshua’s reunion will require him to face his father once again...

A Spirit in Motion by Aaron Schieding While there are thousands of books which cover a single religion or spiritual topic, A Spirit In Motion serves as today’s starting point for understanding worldwide views of the spirit, soul and afterlife. This all-encompassing book by Aaron J. Schieding addresses many of the great questions asked by people of every generation: What is the inner spark of life? Do we live more than once? Is there an afterlife? A Spirit In Motion features exclusive interviews with experts in the six largest religions: Buddhism, Hinduism, Sikhism, Judaism, Islam, and Christianity; get the inside story on the spiritual and afterlife beliefs of these faiths through academics and religious leaders from three different continents. Find out what they have in common and what they don’t. Discover earlier influences on modern faiths from civilizations from antiquity.

Ordinary Evil by Eugene Ferraro The word "ordinary" holds a double meaning. In one sense, it refers to something inconsequential or everyday. In the second sense, "ordinary" refers to the absolute church authority of a bishop, archbishop, or priest. In the Catholic Church, these figures are to be trusted with deepest, darkest secrets. To their congregations, they can never do wrong-or can they? When a series of international and seemingly unrelated events lead to the brutal murder of a Catholic altar boy, conflicting notions of the law, obedience, forgiveness and revenge test the faith of several Roman Catholic priests and two Catholic women. With the boy's death comes scandal and pain for more than just the family who lost a son. In the aftermath of the horrific crime and with the revelation of sexual abuse in the church, ordinary people must now confront ordinary authority, uncovering a web of deceit that stretches from the towns and cities of New England all the way to the Vatican. Even the law cannot reveal all things. In the end, despite the terrible acts committed in his name, only God will ever know the truth.

The Facts of My Life by Charlotte Rae Rae’s career spans more than seventy years, from the golden age of television to Shakespeare in the Park, the New York Cabaret scene of the late 1940’s and 50’s to her hit series, The Facts of Life and well beyond. Off stage and screen, Charlotte’s life has been one of joy and challenge, raising an autistic son, coming to terms with alcoholism, the heartache of a broken marriage, the revelation of a gay husband and the sudden challenge of facing middle-age with financial and emotional uncertainties—an crisis she ultimately turned into the determination that brought her stardom. The Facts of My Life is the first opportunity for Charlotte fans to explore the fascinating story of her extraordinary life: poignant and hilarious, a story of courage and triumph, one that speaks for a generation of women breaking barriers, taking on challenges, overcoming personal tragedy, and paving the way for others.

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