Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Book Review - Missing: A Frank Renzi Novel

Missing: A Frank Renzi Novel

By: Susan Fleet
Publisher: Music & Mayhem Press
Publication Date: September 2015
ISBN: 978-0-9847235-8-4
Reviewed by: Amy Lignor
Review Date: October 2015

For readers who are not already knee-deep into this amazing crime series—one of the very few out there with action that never stops, and a detective who is literally, STILL, the “coolest detective in literature at the moment”—you have to get on board right now...because you have no idea what you’ve been missing. This is Book 6 starring Detective Frank Renzi and, if it’s at all possible, this is one author who seems to be getting better and better with each unforgettable mystery she allows Frank Renzi to solve.

This time around, there is a couple who will remind you right off the bat of the ultimate super-power-couple. Think: Melinda and Bill Gates or Barack and Michelle Obama or, heck, even Jay-Z and BeyoncĂ©. We are talking about a marriage that has money, power and celebrity status. Their names are Hunter and Donna Gates. He is all politics down in New Orleans, and she has discovered her popularity on television as an anchorwoman. These guys are all “wine and roses.” However, as we all know, the higher you get, the more people want to knock you back down. And this is exactly the kind of treatment the Gates’s receive.

Donna goes missing, along with the couple’s two children. When Hunter arrives home one night, his whole family has simply disappeared. However, this isn’t a case of a woman simply saying: “Forget it. I’m done. I want something more.” Or is it? Enter...Detective Frank Renzi.

This couple, not unlike the ones you find in reality, have more secrets hidden in their closets than you can possibly imagine. In fact, it gets to the point where Renzi finds himself walking in what feels like a very confusing maze. Just when one path looks correct, just when one clue comes up that seems to solve the case, something else arises that changes the path completely. From ransom demands that seem truly odd, to the belief that Donna is already dead because of some revenge the kidnappers wanted to serve up to the politician husband, the lies versus the truth of what’s really going on soon makes Hunter and Donna look like the worst people in the world. Then, when a murder does occur, Renzi feels the clock speeding up. How he ends up walking this maze and uncovering the truth is a story that you will not be able to put down.

Author Susan Fleet has, once again, proven that she can write crime fiction with the best of them. The suspense is palpable. The detective never becomes stale or clichéd. And, best of all, you will not figure out the end until the author decides it is time to unveil the crime.

Quill says: Not to be too pushy, but after reading this one, all readers will want to do is bang on Susan Fleet’s door and scream: “Hurry Up! We want Number 7!”

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