Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Book Review - Main Squeeze

Main Squeeze: Juicing Recipes for Your Healthiest Self

By: Iris McCarthy
Publisher: Front Table Books, an imprint of Cedar Fort, Inc.
Publication Date: July 2015
ISBN: 978-1-4621-1560-0
Reviewed by: Diane Lunsford
Review Date: August 25, 2015

Iris McCarthy shares her theory with her audience that by using the right combination of fruits and vegetables one can achieve the end result of a healthier lifestyle in her book on ‘juicing’ titled Main Squeeze.

Ms. McCarthy sets the record straight at the onset. She is not a nutritional expert, but she sure knows her way around a juicer and how to concoct tasty juice recipes for a healthy end result. The book is broken down into extremely simple recipes to follow—recipes that do not warrant traveling the globe to procure the ingredients. As with any book of instruction, it is helpful to devote the opening to an introduction of not only what inspired the author to write the book, but the answers to frequently asked questions before diving into the preparation. Ms. McCarthy accomplishes this quite well.

There are five distinct sections titled: ‘Detox and Wellness,’ ‘Energy Boosters,’ ‘Soothers,’ ‘Skin Refreshers,’ and ‘Mocktails’—the latter a play on the word ‘cocktails’ sans the alcohol. Ms. McCarthy has compiled a series of recipes that are extremely easy to follow and prepare. The fear factor is removed early on in that the reader does not have to run out to their local store and plunk down hundreds of dollars in order to secure the quintessential juicing machine to get started. Rather, McCarthy takes the time to explain the basics in her chapter titled: ‘Juicing 101: The Basics’ and defines the differences between a ‘juicer’ to that of a ‘blender.’ She further explains the value in utilizing both in certain recipes given the components used (i.e., it is a messy experience at best to ‘juice’ a banana).

For quite some time, our society has had a propensity toward healthier eating. Again, Ms. McCarthy does not profess to be a nutrition expert, but she walks the walk and talks the talk toward seeking healthier alternatives to living a more robust and satisfying life. In order for me to endorse the value of this book, I thought it imperative to personally sample some recipes. I may not be the poster child of perfect fitness, but I do consistently seek healthy choices through a balanced diet and regular exercise. Some of my personal favorites are: ‘Get Up and Go-Go.’ It is the perfect answer to Monday Mornings! The ingredients are basic and the end result is not only delicious, but the feeling: exhilarant! There is a nice balance on the palate between citrus and sweet and once ingested, the after effects are a feeling of pep in one’s step to face the day. I’m also a big supporter of the importance of properly fueling the muscles that work so very hard for our being. 'The Elvis Parsley' is a winner in flushing ‘sludge.’ Again, through a handful of ingredients and a nominal amount of prep time, the end result will have one saying: ‘Bring on those burpees!’ This book is not cluttered with type too small to read or endless pontification of too many steps to follow. Rather, it is basic and extremely user friendly for the novice juicer as much as the ‘juice bar’ entrepreneur.

Quill says: Main Squeeze is a great starter kit for the person looking to blend juicing into his or her healthy eating lifestyle.

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