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Book Review - Give Me Your Answer True

Give Me Your Answer True

By: Suanne Laqueur
Publisher: CreateSpace
Publication Date: June 2015
ISBN: 978-1508985211
Reviewed by: Diane LunsfordM
Review Date: August 3, 2015

Suanne Laqueur delivers Give Me Your Answer True; her much anticipated (and quite delicious) sequel to her debut novel, The Man I Love.

It’s been three years since Daisy Bianco's unforgivable betrayal of Erik Fiskare (a.k.a. Fish). Daisy’s daemons pay their daily respects—a constant reminder of her lapse in judgment. She slept with David. She betrayed her true love Fish. The fact that Fish was witness to the moment is torture. She reflects upon her time in the hospital after the shooting—when Fish was by her side every day. He promised he would always be there...but he’s gone. He won’t return her calls and has disappeared from her life. How long is long enough for her to pay her penance? When does she get her chance to explain the ‘why’? She doesn’t get to blame her choice on ecstasy or coke. They both knew their relationship changed long before that day—they all changed.

College is a distant memory for Daisy. The once inseparable dance company has scattered to the winds. Embers are the remnants that smolder from the union of former dance partner Will and best friend Lucky. Will returned to Canada. Lucky was still around but he wasn’t dancing anymore. Daisy hadn’t seen David since their one-night encounter; not that she cared to. Daisy is lost. She is a shell of a life walking through the haze of day-to-day existence. She feels nothing. No matter how much she pines for Fish, he remains gone. When Daisy discovers cutting herself breathes feeling, she finds relief. She is still a dancer and must be careful. She must hide her dark secret to make sure her self-inflicted scars remain invisible—at least to everyone but her. On a dangerous spiral and a few therapists later, Daisy happens upon someone from her past—someone who also lived another day beyond the Lancaster shooting. Enter John (Opie). There are no coincidences in life, but perhaps there are angels to carry hope when it is needed most. Such was the case for Opie and Daisy—at least until he discovered her dark secret of cutting herself...

When approached by Feathered Quill to consider Suanne Laqueur’s compelling sequel to her fantastic debut novel, The Man I Love, there wasn’t a second’s hesitation in doing so. Within the first couple of pages of Give Me your Answer True, I knew I was reading yet another grand slam book from this gifted writer. Once I finished the 488 page memory of a book (in less than a day’s time), I was faced with an incredible challenge: ‘Is it even possible for me to gather my thoughts and write the exceptional review Laqueur is so worthy of receiving?’ Her phraseology and scenarios are terrific. Character description such as: ‘He was the most gigantic person Daisy ever encountered. His tall frame and broad shoulders gobbled up the studio floors. He moved like a hurricane...He ate life and spit out the bones...’ is a definitive example of how this author merely opens the door into her word pantry and purposefully selects the perfect word in order to create superb movement in the story. Laqueur insists on creating feeling and compassion throughout her work. Her success of achieving such measure replicates time and again across the pages of Give Me Your Answer True. She manages instantaneous attention and engagement from her audience because she can see and hear them as she writes. She is confident in her delivery and knowledge of the art of dance. One can sense the orchestration of the arabesque as much as feel the barre work in the warm up which complements and breathes credibility into the essence of main character Daisy. Bravo Ms. Laqueur! You have done it again and I have a request: May I have another, please?

Quill says: Give Me Your Answer True is further affirmation that Suanne Laqueur is a truly gifted writer and knows how to create lasting memory through her superb storytelling ability!

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