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Interview with Author Steven C. McCartney

Today, Feathered Quill reviewer Amy Lignor is talking with Steven C. McCartney, author of Physical Literacy 12 Steps Pledge Ambassadorship

FQ: Can you tell our readers how the idea for this program came about?

MCCARTNEY: Well, in an article I’ve written “Greatest Blessing” (2013) I fully explain how this project came about. Also, The full article can be found in the book Physical Literacy 12 Steps Pledge Ambassadorship. However, in short the article is a passionate story that reunited me with my son Andre and mother after 30 years. Basically I collaged my work of over 25 articles from my column Rockaway Walks into 12 steps and combined it with his photos and illustration. The next article I wrote was actually the manuscript to the book called “I Dance for Physical Literacy” (2014). The rest is history. Today we have the book Physical Literacy 12 Steps Pledge Ambassadorship. To learn more visit

FQ: Even though, of course, readers will realize that any physical activity can be ‘inserted’ for dance, what was the reason behind using dance as the main subject?

MCCARTNEY: I love to Dance and my son Andre is a hip-hop, Latin ballroom and salsa instructor as you can tell from the photos in the book. The term dance is expressed in every culture and society; in rituals or self-expression and a great way to transform and introduce movement and the 12 Steps of the book for total fitness. The design of the book is for all fitness levels and not limited to dance. The rhythmic and metaphor of dance provides the vehicle in which the reader becomes engaged in the environment in which we live.

FQ: It seems like there are millions of programs when it comes to losing weight, exercise, etc., out there. As a professional in the Phys. Ed. realm, how do you feel about all of this? And is there a way to get the mind off the “quick-fix” for weight loss and healthy living?

MCCARTNEY: I’ll give you readers a quick lesson in exercise physiology that I want you to remember as you read the book. Most people don’t know how many calories it takes to lose or burn one pound of fat (3,500 calories). Divide 7 day into the 3,500 calories you get 500 calories per day. You can loss or gain successfully 1 pound of fat per week by just increasing (or decrease) the intensity of your activities or decrease (or increase) food intake by 500 calories per day (from your daily energy requirement). Remember your diet needs to be nutrient dense. Understanding this concept will make it easy to manage a healthy lifestyle and workout safely. So it is obtainable to loss or gain 10 pounds in 10 weeks. Learn more go to Authors Corner at

FQ: With the First Lady and others being extremely helpful in this area, what would you like to see happen with the Physical Education Literacy program? (Example: Adding it to school programs?)

MCCARTNEY: Physical Literacy 12 Steps Pledge Ambassadorship is written by a Physical Education teacher with the goal to outreach across the social economic divide, in and out of the classroom. In 2014 the High School National Standard for Physical Education just modified standards to include the wording physical literacy. I believe this book will be found useful in building awareness to the term Physical Literacy in years to come.

FQ: You write for “The Wave” newspaper. Can you give our readers a little more background on this?

MCCARTNEY: I started the The Rockaway Walks Fitness Column (over 25 articles) in 2007 out of my local town paper called the The Wave Newspaper (1894) in Queens, NY. My motivation to write acted as a supplement to a fitness program I instructed/co-founded with local officials and community based organizations called Rockaway Walks (10 week summer program). The article helps me present a quality program to the community at large. Now jump starting my career as an author. To learn more go to

FQ: You mention “social” fitness along with mental and physical well being: Can you perhaps expand on what “social” fitness is and how it helps children, teens and adults?

MCCARTNEY: Social fitness (moral fiber) starts with understanding your fitness level and developing skills in cooperative learning early on (as in childhood and across lifespan) be able to process information to sustain resources towards healthy living or quality of life. Cooperative learning includes positive self talk (community/team building), action plan and problem solving techniques also associated with mental and physical well-being. “Physical literacy 12 Steps Pledge Ambassadorship is the moral fiber to Social Fitness.”

FQ: There is so much stress in this world, are there personal stories of readers who have reached out to you regarding changing their way of life with your program? Can people volunteer in some way to help you reach out to more people regarding jumping on the Physical Literacy Train, so to speak?

MCCARTNEY: The first step to show your support is to get a copy which is available in e-book and print version at major retailers on line.

Second, if you have social media skills please contact me at I'm looking for socially fit volunteers to jump start ambassadors for physical literacy campaign.
Thirdly, send me a review.
Fourth pass forward to a friend.
Fifth if you like to sponsor translating the book in your language send me e-mail.
Sixth you have a contact that you feel will help move the book.
Seven support your teachers.
I like to hear from you. Yes let’s build a global frontier for Physical Literacy - be an Ambassador today!

FQ: Could you tell readers a bit regarding Andre, the dancer in this program/as well as in the book, itself?

MCCARTNEY: Andre (the dancer) is my son and the model for the book. As I mentioned earlier he is an instructor in hip-hop, Latin ballroom and salsa. I am proud to say he is also a serviceman in the Army now serving in Korea.

FQ: Will there be more books/information regarding this or other programs in the future?

MCCARTNEY: I wrote the English version and now I have completed the translation for the Spanish and Mandarin Chinese version which I look to release next year. My goal is to be able to make Physical Literacy 12 Steps Ambassadorship in a minimum of 7 languages. I believe the book needs to be presented in as many native languages as possible. This will increase the life of the message.

FQ: What do you hope will be the one main thing that people take away with them after reading about this program?

MCCARTNEY: First I'd like to thank you for interviewing me at Feathered Quill Book Reviews and giving readers the opportunity to explore my book Physical Literacy 12 Steps Pledge Ambassadorship. Reading this educational and instructional tool can provide new understanding for young teen readers and adults by introducing 12 various topics on health and fitness for personal best. In addition this book includes an Ambassador Certificate, Glossary, Total Fitness chart, and Assessment Quiz. Learn more by visiting or contact me at

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To learn more about Physical Literacy 12 Steps Pledge Ambassadorship please read the review at: Feathered Quill Book Reviews.

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