Thursday, March 13, 2014

Interview with Rev. Dr. Mushtaq H. Jaafri

Today we're talking with the Rev. Dr. Mushtaq H. Jaafri, author of I’m Free!: Techniques to Bypass the Mind and Free the Soul

FQ: As an award-winning author, it’s sometimes easy to sit back and rest on your laurels, yet you have continued to write. Why did you decide to write this particular book?

JAAFRI: This is an excellent question and I believe that it deserves an honest answer. I must admit that while writing this particular book, I’M Free! I did have many occasional bouts of self-doubt and stumbling.

Susan was editing this particular book and she was expecting a new baby so she left the book unedited to deliver her baby in the middle of completion of editing the book and decided not to return to work.

Then, it took nearly another year to find the right editor because this particular book is one of those titles that must be read carefully and not rushed.

So, to answer your question, why I decided to write this particular book, my true answer is that most of my previous books were written mainly to explain the five parts of the human mind and how I utilized them to gain Self-Realization.

This particular new book is unique because it allows the readers to “accept the reality of the Soul within us as a reality.” You recognize the jewels of wisdom that hid in this writing because they hold the key to the secret worlds of God.

It explains the fact that in order to experience yourself as a Soul, you must BYPASS these five parts of the human mind and free the Soul. In the East, it’s called the God-Realization.

One easy way to achieve this God-Realization is to master the techniques to bypass the mind and free the Soul as outlined in this one-of-a-kind book.

I believe that the times have changed and the human consciousness is now ready and willing to experience the Soul, not as a theory or a concept but, a reality in our daily lives. If you want to walk with God to experience your Soul, then, this book will help you gain that goal. I guarantee it!

FQ: Briefly explain to your audience what no-mind is when you first became aware of it.

JAAFRI: Properly speaking, no-time refers to the ‘time-span’ when I experience myself as the Soul. These are moments of reflective silence and high intensity, yet I experience a calm inner-peace. Totally aware. Totally alert. Totally awake.

My heart opens to divine love, and I’m not thinking of anything. There is no question; therefore no answer is needed. No pressure, no time—nothing. Just being. Just love.

FQ: You had a serious period of self-doubt and in fact almost lost your foot. Did this incident want you to reach out and help others move beyond adversity?

JAAFRI: I believe that you are referring to my story on page 119 of this book. As you may recall this story, a few years ago, I hurt my back by lifting a very heavy bookshelf by myself.

An MRI scan showed a herniated disc in my lower back. Neurosurgeon suggested an immediate back surgery to cure my lower back pain and regain the use and strength of my left foot.

My 30+ years of real-life, extensive and practical study of the five parts of the human mind and my own understanding of myself as Soul, intuitively guided me to rely upon the super wisdom, love, power and the force within.

On my next visit to the neurosurgeon, I confidently told him that I believe there was a Higher Power within each of us that can heal each ailment or health problem, and at this time I did not want to consider surgery even though I might lose my left foot. He had no clue what I was talking about.
This incident surely, became one of the major reasons to reach out and help others move beyond adversity. I felt it was my duty to share this knowledge with others. This divine wisdom within us is biased in favor of life. The proof of the validity of this force comes by experiencing yourself as Soul.

FQ: In this book you attempt to mentor your readers in their quest for enlightenment. Who mentored you?

JAAFRI: The very first name that comes to my mind is my wonderful father Mr. Nazir Ahmad Jaafri who sent me to America in order to acquire higher education. Without his vision this book would not have been possible.

In fact, this book starts with a dedication to my wonderful father who was my mentor in my quest for enlightenment. The second name that comes to my mind is Napoleon Hill, the author of the world famous book:Think and Grow Rich. He taught me the five-part human mind theory.

FQ: When you aren’t writing, do you often find you can attain peace through meditation?

JAAFRI: I believe that the best answer to your question can be found on page 23 of this book which states: “Peace, it does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble or hard work. It means to be in the midst of those things and still be calm in your heart.”

Speaking for myself, nothing is more important to me than controlling my own thinking 24/7 everyday of the year whether I’m writing or not writing. Peace been true for 30+ years through contemplation of myself as SOUL. Free Soul uses mind to perceive dreams and experience enlightenment. Meditation isn’t the same as contemplation. Spiritual exercises give peace.

FQ: You mentioned serving mankind is the “essence of human life.” Apart from striving to help others through your writing, is there anything else you do to assist others?

JAAFRI: My answer to your question is clearly given on page 4 of this book. Here’s what I say:
“I earnestly believe from the bottom of my heart that before I was born I must have agreed with my Creator God to devote 30+ years of my life in preparing myself spiritually, to find the most direct path to God and become a Co-worker with God by devoting my spiritual skills to the aid of Souls in returning home in Heaven.”


I believe that all spiritual teachers have somehow agreed with their Creator to do HIS work. What they teach and how they teach is all planned for them.

Since English is my second language (as you notice), I felt (intuitively) a deep Calling to share this unique ‘thought system’ to bypass the mind and free the Soul with the whole world. At first it sounded like a crazy idea.

Then, I heard someone say something that hit me like a bolt of lightning when I contemplated it.
This is what I heard. “People who are crazy enough to think that they can change the thinking of the world are the ones who do.” (By the way, it was the late Steve Jobs of Apple Computers who said this).

Sometimes, I imagine or visualize or just pretend that this book may change the “thinking-habits” of the masses just as McDonalds changed the “eating-habits” of people worldwide.

If you are interested as a facilitator of this teaching I ask that you please logon to my and get the details of this worldwide movement to tip the scale in favor of world peace one person at a time.

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