Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Book Review - Thump


By: Avraham Azrieli
Publisher: CreateSpace
Publication Date: January 2014
ISBN: 978-1494281755
Reviewed by: Amy Lignor
Review Date: March 25, 2014

In the shady world of sexual harassment in the workplace, a man called Thump is not exactly someone you would perceive as ever being a victim of such a criminal, horrific act. However, Thump is most definitely the one under the boss’s...thumb, not to mention clients who are needed by the rich investment firm of KKG. One of these very rich partners in the firm utilizes Thump to bring clients and their exorbitant wealth through the doors, using far more than just his pleasant personality.

T.M. Jefferson was nicknamed ‘Thump’ back in his school years. A stunningly handsome African American male, Thump has worked extremely hard to build a life. He is able to not only climb the ladder of success, but he uses his wit, intelligence and understanding of people to pole-vault the steps of the ladder to reach the top.

An older woman, a partner in the firm of KKG, knows exactly what Thump can provide. Oddly enough, she even has a solid reason in her own mind and in her background as to why Thump needs to not only be a junior player in the firm working underneath her instruction, but also why he must do her bidding when it comes to giving out sexual favors.

Thump is now engaged. But before he proposed, some of the ‘questionable’ favors he was asked to do or, more rightly, told to do in order to attain rich widows, etc., didn’t seem so bad, considering the promotions and bonuses he received. However, when Thump is offered the opportunity to rise to the top of the firm by putting together a very important presentation to keep KKG’s biggest client on board, he attempts to leave his playboy protégé status behind and stand on his own two feet. Thump soon realizes that walking away from such a deviant lifestyle is not so easy, particularly when his mentor turns on him and a great future turns into a solid nightmare.

Meeting up with an attorney who used to sit in the judge’s chair before she got embroiled in a mess regarding racial issues that caused her to fall from grace, Thump brings a heavy-duty lawsuit against KKG. He must find a way to convince the world that, even though he owns guilt for things he’s done, he is far more innocent than his employers are in the eyes of the law.

Thump is a fantastically in-depth, yet always entertaining and fast-moving novel. This author is to be commended for bringing to the table many subjects people still avoid speaking about in 2014. From female bosses versus the ‘good, old boys’; to the race wars that are not black and white, the author makes all readers think, and perhaps even change their minds, as they become engrossed in a story that shows the best and worst of all sides of humanity.

Quill says: This is a captivating read that all legal thriller lovers will enjoy immensely!
For more information on Thump, please visit the author's website at: www.AzrieliBooks.com

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