Saturday, July 27, 2013

Books In For Review

Here's a nice sample of the books that have come in recently.  Check them out, then stop by in a few weeks to read the reviews!

65 Sayings Inspired From My Sleep's Dream by Fatai Oladapo Adebanjo One day Fatai fell into a deep sleep and discovered something marvelous and unusual. In his dream, he saw a classroom with empty chairs, and saw a quote on a chalkboard. The quote, which was written anonymously on a chalkboard said, "A drug is a root that comes from money in such a level." This led to a turning point in his life. Fatai, who never knew how to write, suddenly received inspiration that made him write 65 of his own sayings, their meanings and the lessons to learn from each of them. "I believe God wrote the quote on the chalkboard in the dream, to teach me the inspiration to write mine," Fatai said. Fatai will donate part of the proceeds from the sale of this book to the Charity to promote ONE LOVE globally.

Saving Faith by Patrick Garry Because of a misguided medical diagnosis as an orphaned child, Jack Fenien was never adopted. Now, two years after leaving the orphanage, he works as a repossessor for a used car dealer. One night, he enters a bar looking for Ev Sorin, whose car Jack has mistakenly towed. Expecting violent anger, he is surprised when Ev reacts with indifference; but as Jack soon discovers, Ev - a disgraced journalist - has bigger problems on his mind. The next day, in the same courthouse to which Jack and Ev have gone to arrange for the release of Ev's car from the impound lot, a nurse and young woman sit in a crowded courtroom opposite a row of lawyers, asking the judge to keep alive a comatose patient whose true identity is unknown but who has been given the name Faith Powers. After the hearing, Ev seeks out the nurse - not for years has he done a real story, and he feels a sudden urge to be a journalist again. It is an urge that will connect Jack with Clare, the troubled young woman who appears to have an almost fanatical attachment to Faith. Intrigued with Jack's role as a repossessor, Clare sees him as a kind of modern moral prophet. Although the characters initially focus on investigating Faith's real identity, they eventually come to use Faith as a catalyst for changing their own lives. But not until a seemingly random shooting occurs in the city do the characters become truly immersed in the mysteries of the patient and of each other.

Courage by Disko Praphanchith Courage chronicles the tale of two friends over the span of a lifetime. There is Jenny Park, a Korean-American girl whose search for her identity in this world alienates her from her Korean kinsfolk. There is Daniel Fischer, an intense, thoughtful, and brilliant young man whose mind separates him from the rest of his peers. The two meet early in life and form a deep loving friendship. As time passes, however, it is this very friendship that becomes their greatest source of pain where an inability to voice their love for one another drives them apart. Years later, and Jenny is a broken woman living under the tyrannical hands of her husband. Her life is hell, and each day is spent uselessly tolling away without meaning. When Jenny sees Daniel one night, however, memories of love and friendship stir deep in her heart. With these memories suddenly rekindled, Jenny flees from her husband, travels back into the world, and attempts to reunite with the boy she once loved and knew. Heartrending and deep, Courage infuses an emotional rawness in examining human individuality where personal identity is repressed. The novel moreover contemplates what it means to accept the inevitable loss of friendship in life—as well as what it means to simply love.

The Magdalene Mystery by Christine Sunderland Ten years ago a gunman opened fire in a parking lot, killing her parents. No one ever found out why. But a trip to Rome might reveal the truth. Thirty-year-old Kelly Roberts receives a mysterious envelope from her late godfather, director of a news service dedicated to exposing media lies, summoning her to Rome for a promising legacy. After losing her job, Kelly, a single parent, fears for herself and her five-year-old son. She could sure use the money implied in her godfather's letter, but she can't afford to go to Rome, she can't leave Matt, and she can't take him with her. Even stranger, the note says to contact Daniel Weaver, a professor familiar with Rome. To receive the legacy, Kelly must first locate her godfather's hidden research on Mary Magdalene. Accompanied by thirty-five-year-old Daniel, Kelly embarks on the journey of a lifetime, finding clues in Rome basilicas, the Apostles' Creed, and her godfather's letters. But she is shadowed by another professor who preys on the young, both online and on campus. Desperate to find the manuscript that could expose him as an academic fraud, he is willing to do anything to keep that from happening...even murder. Unlock the Magdalene mystery...and the power of historical truth.

Tragic by Robert Tanenbaum Prizefighter tough. Street-hustler smart. Pit-bull vicious. Longshoremen’s union leader Charlie Vitteli is like a cold-blooded villain straight out of Shakespeare’s Macbeth. Busting heads on the docks of New York as a brash union organizer, taking no prisoners as the newest president of the North Ameri­can Brotherhood of Stevedores, Vitteli clawed his way to the top of the heap—and no one’s going to take him down now. Not if they value their lives. Like Vince Carlotta. The union boss’s fiercest rival has accused Vitteli of embezzlement, election rigging, and other abuses—and even called him a crook at a union meeting. Now Carlotta is just another corpse on the waterfront—allegedly gunned down by an armed robber. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that Vitteli is somehow involved. But proving it is a whole other story. Enter District Attorney Butch Karp and his wife, Marlene Ciampi. Drawn into the case by a friend who manages the East Village Women’s Shelter, Marlene speaks to the abused girlfriend of a man who may or may not have been hired to kill Carlotta. Marlene follows her lead to three different assassins contracted for the hit. But connecting them to Vitteli—and proving it in court—could be the death of anyone who tries . . . unless Karp can uncover the one tragic flaw that could bring down the curtain on this Shakespearean villain once and for all.

Discovery Channel Sharkopedia: The Complete Guide to Everything Shark Meet the most incredible creatures in the sea! Sharkopedia takes you inside the exciting world of sharks. From Discovery Channel, the people who bring you Shark Week every summer, learn everything there is to know about these awesome predators. The book includes more than 400 photos of sharks and all 498 known species of sharks.

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