Thursday, July 4, 2013

Books in for Review

Here's a sample of the books that have recently arrived for review.  Check them out and then stop by our site in a few weeks to read the reviews.

Between Eden and the Open Road by Philip Gaber Teasingly mysterious, preposterously sparse, this collection of imperfect art populaire is brought to you in surrealist Technicolor. Read these small tales from the unconscious with unafraid eyes, when you're barely tired or leading a life of sloth or on the threshold of maturity struggling to find a place outside yourself or if you've just woken up and can't believe what's become of your life.

Breadcrumbs for Beginners: Following the Writing Trail by Dr. Sherry Meinberg Breadcrumbs for Beginners provides a practical and entertaining umbrella approach to the world of the writer. It covers the process - from just thinking about writing to actually putting pen to paper, and then revising, and finally info as to what to do to get a manuscript published and promoted.

Know Thyself: Unraveling The Mystery Of Mind by Gian Kumar Know Thyself is a friendly path to self discovery and spiritual connect. This e-Book is a divine text. It is written to recognize “the self”. The words used here are a magical mix of science, spiritualism, philosophy, psychology and psychosomatic. This amalgamation has resulted in one simple, and yet complicated, aspect of realizing “the self”. Man has made several discoveries, yet the discovery of his own self remains an enigma. Several saints and philosophers from times immemorial, have tried to seek and provide answers to these simple questions- Who am I? Who is God? Does God exist? Do we need Him? Gian Kumar, through his e-book ‘Know Thyself’, has made an effort to provide these answers in the most simplistic manner, so that it is comprehensible to all. Knowing yourself is indeed a very important, as well as most challenging task. When people know and understand clearly who they are, they have a better chance of achieving what they want from life. Knowing your inner self is the key to a successful, happy and fulfilling life.

Finding Colin Firth by Mia March After losing her job and leaving her beloved husband, journalist Gemma Hendricks is sure that scoring an interview with Colin Firth will save her career and marriage. Yet a heart-tugging local story about women, family ties, love, and loss captures her heart--and changes everything. The story concerns Bea Crane, a floundering twenty-two-year old who learns in a deathbed confession letter that she was adopted at birth. Bea is in Boothbay Harbor to surreptitiously observe her biological mother, Veronica Russo--something of a legend in town--who Bea might not be ready to meet, after all. Veronica, a thirty-eight-year-old diner waitress famous for her "healing" pies, has come home to Maine to face her past. But when she's hired as an Extra on the bustling movie set, she wonders if she's hiding from the truth . . . and perhaps the opportunity of a real life Mr. Darcy. These three women will discover more than they ever imagined in this coastal Maine town, buzzing with hopes of Colin Firth. Even the conjecture of his arrival inspires daydreams, amplifies complicated lives, and gives incentive to find their own romantic endings.

Rutherford Park by Elizabeth Cooke Lady of the house Octavia Cavendish lives like a bird in a gilded cage. With her family’s fortune, her husband, William, has made significant additions to the estate, but he too feels bound—by the obligations of his title as well as his vows. Their son, Harry, is expected to follow in his footsteps, but the boy has dreams of his own, like pursuing the new adventure of aerial flight. Meanwhile, below stairs, a housemaid named Emily holds a secret that could undo the Cavendish name. On Christmas Eve 1913, Octavia catches a glimpse of her husband in an intimate moment with his beautiful and scandalous distant cousin. She then spies the housemaid Emily out in the snow, walking toward the river, about to make her own secret known to the world. As the clouds of war gather on the horizon, an epic tale of longing and betrayal is about to unfold at Rutherford Park…

Indivisible?: The Story of the Second American Civil War by Paul Martin Midden Powerful but divergent interests come together in the turbulent political climate of the US. They converge for a common purpose: to fragment the Union that was won so bitterly 150 years ago. In-the-woods libertarians who resented any governmental influence in their lives joined with religious conservatives who felt that modernity had just crossed too many lines. There were wounded men who could not stop themselves from blaming the government, and there were unprincipled opportunists who did not care what they did so long as they got paid. And there were those whose vocation had become self-aggrandizement, who shared the shallow morals of that group. Behind it all was money. In this era of American civilization, it was possible to amass eye-popping amounts of capital, and those who had it used it to amass even more. Opposing them are men and women who are neither rich nor powerful. There are responsible politicians who understand their charge to preserve the Union. There are responsible public servants who take their job as a public trust. And there are the outliers, patriots who use their sometimes-legal skills to preserve the USA in ways that trusted public officials cannot. Can war be avoided? Can the Union survive?

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