Sunday, June 23, 2013

Book Review - Yarn to Go

Yarn to Go

By: Betty Hechtman
Publisher: Berkley
Publication Date: July 2013
ISBN: 978-0425252215
Reviewed by: M.A. Thomas
Review Date: June 23, 2013

Betty Hechtman’s Yarn to Go is the first novel from the new Yarn Retreat Mystery series. Casey Feldstein is a dessert chef who is talented in baking delicious desserts and muffins for customers. Although she demonstrates proficiency in the kitchen, she lacks knitting skills. Her passion does not consist of mastering the technique of using needles and hooks. Her creative endeavors were more in the line of baking.

Casey finds out that her deceased aunt’s business Yarn2Go has a scheduled “Petit Retreat.” At first, she is reluctant to attend the event for her aunt due to her inexperience as a knitter and being a hostess. She is overwhelmed with the responsibility. However, with the assurance of her friend and a master knitting teacher who will also be at the retreat, she makes the decision to go ahead with the event.

The peaceful, breathtaking scenery of the Monterey Peninsula is tarnished when danger suddenly strikes. While the retreat is underway, one of the members is found dead in her hotel room on the first night. Casey is suspicious since her aunt and a former member of the retreat had died recently. She feels that their deaths are somehow related to this current incident. During the course of six months, three people who were connected to the retreat have been found dead. Although her temporary experience working at a detective agency did not prepare her to solve a case, Casey feels a sense of responsibility for the victim. She begins her own investigation in order to find clues that might lead her to the identity of the real killer.

The mystery deepens when there is a suspicion that one of the retreat members could be the killer since the victim was found with knitting needles sticking out of her chest. This revelation becomes evident when Casey discovers that her aunt’s knitting needles were missing. Upon further investigations, Casey learns that if it hadn’t been for the knitting needles sticking inside the victim’s chest, the case would have been considered an accidental death due to the presence of drugs and alcohol that were found in the victim’s system. Until the case is solved, the retreat members and the victim’s boyfriend are all considered suspects. Will Casey postpone the retreat or stick through the ordeal until the end?

Yarn to Go by Betty Hechtman consists of various twists and turns that will leave readers in a shroud of mystery. They are in for a huge surprise when the identity of the killer is finally revealed. This is an interesting tale that ensnares the reader from the first page. In addition to writing a great mystery, the author also includes an easy to follow knitting tutorial and recipe. I would recommend Yarn to Go to readers who enjoy an enthralling mystery story where there are several suspects and clues to piece together. Ms. Hechtman effectively demonstrates her talent by creating an engrossing mystery plot and a cast of witty, complex characters. With these elements, I must say that Yarn to Go is the perfect summer read.
Quill says: If you enjoy a riveting mystery novel that keeps you guessing until the case is solved, you’re sure to have an entertaining time reading Yarn to Go.

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