Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Book Review - Time Flies

Time Flies

By: Claire Cook
Publisher: Touchstone
Publishing Date: June 2013
ISBN: 978-1451673678
Reviewed by: M.A. Thomas
Review Date: June 2013

Time Flies by Claire Cook is a humorous contemporary novel that takes readers on a pleasant adventure down memory lane. In Ms. Cook’s latest novel, self-employed artist Melanie is trying to get over the pain of losing her husband to another woman. In addition to her broken marriage, she has to deal with another important event in her life; a high school reunion.

Melanie is not feeling optimistic about the reunion since she knows that high school reunions were a test for personal success. She feels insecure with her looks and devastated with her bad marriage. Through the persistence of her best friend, B.J., and her frequent email conversations with an old flame from high school, she finally makes the decision to attend the special event.

Throughout the story, she reminisces of her life with her husband and her high school days. She feels that returning to her past will help her to recognize her future. However, there is a road block that is preventing her from moving forward. Melanie has a highway driving phobia. Her heart is filled at times with hope, promise, and anxiety. In order for her to start living her future, she will need to rely on her inner strength to control her affliction.

Time Flies by Claire Cook is a delightful work of art that takes readers to a fun past of their own high school days. In the story, there are special songs, popular fashion trends, and other fond memories. Ms. Cook has an original, artistic style of writing and creates funny, memorable characters, a believable plot, and a storyline with a realistic flow. This is my first experience reading a novel authored by Ms. Cook and I must say that it was a very good reading experience. I am intrigued with Time Flies and very eager to read more of her novels in this genre.

Quill says: Time Flies is a fun and meaningful contemporary fiction that pertains to reinvention, overcoming adversity, and finding the freedom to live your life.

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