Monday, May 20, 2013

Book Review - Christian Controversies

Christian Controversies: Seeking the Truth

By: Scott S. Haraburda, PhD
Publisher: Meaningful Publications
Publication Date: March 2013
ISBN: 978-0988607217
Reviewed by: Diane Lunsford
Review Date: May 19, 2013

Scott S. Haraburda’s perceptions, insights AND research in delivering his latest body of work entitled Christian Controversies: Seeking the Truth goes far beyond commendable.

Dr. Haraburda begins his book by taking the Dicken’s classic, A Tale of Two Cities, and applies his Christian translation to the premise: “It was the best of Christianity, it was the worst of Christianity, it was the age of Wisdom, it was the age of Ignorance…” His opening request for open mindedness is heartfelt as he cautions (as much as requests) his readership to understand: “an open mind should mean that the mind is not “closed” to the introduction of new knowledge and understanding, even though it may contradict previous ideas…” The first chapter is well thought out and extremely foundational as a guide for what may be construed as unsettling, yet factual, information throughout the remainder of the book. Dr. Haraburda is willingly transparent about his Christian convictions and there is a tone of confidence in his scientific theories on the subject matter. He is certainly knowledgeable and capable of delivering scientific theory toward the subject of Christianity as he is a ‘rocket scientist’ by trade.

The meat of the book begins to take solid shape and form roughly thirty pages in. It is at this point that Dr. Haraburda accelerates the topic by addressing Christian rules with Jesus’ lessons. He covers the diversities between secular ethics and the ethics of Jesus. He gains further momentum when he dives deeper and presents many comparatives (overshadowed by the contradictions) between early Christian church ethics and modern age Christian ethics. Later in the book he takes the reader through historical research on Christian leaders through their use of varied versions of the Bible as their platform and their defiance of Jesus’ leadership. With each consideration, it is apparent Dr. Haraburda did his homework. His scientific approach toward his theories resonate the accomplishments of his research as all of his propositions are properly foot-noted and supported with a wealth of factual information in support of his statements and views.

When I was approached to review Christian Controversies: Seeking the Truth, what intrigued me most about the synopses I read before agreeing to read the book, was the clean and straightforward portrayal of the book’s content. Dr. Haraburda is not only a brave individual to pontificate his personal beliefs and understanding of Christianity, but has supported every theory with superb fact-checks and footnoting. He has delivered the complexities of this topic in understandable terminology and deserves accolades for writing such an intriguing read from cover-to-cover. I am personally touched by Dr. Haraburda’s inherent belief and faith: “Through all of my work, I can honestly and logically summarize this into three words that I know to be the absolute truth. God loves you.” Thank you for your utterly captivating and fascinating book.

Quill says: Christian Controversies: Seeking the Truth is a solid work that provides ample opportunity for the reader to open his/her mind and consider a different view.

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