Sunday, May 12, 2013

Book Review - Cat Nap: A Sunny & Shadow Mystery

Cat Nap: A Sunny & Shadow Mystery

By: Claire Donally
Publisher: Berkley
Publication Date: May 2013
ISBN-13: 978-0425252130
Reviewed by: Deb Fowler
Review Date: May 11, 2013

Working on the Maine Adventure X-perience MAX website wasn’t the most exciting thing to do in Kittery Harbor, but a job was a job. Sonata “Sunny” Coolidge’s life was a bit on the boring side, but at least she had her eyes on someone who might spice it up a bit and that someone was Constable Will Price. As luck would have it, he had his eyes on Jane Rigsdale, the local veterinarian. Sunny’s dad, Mike Coolidge, was doing quite well after his heart attack and tending to things at home, including watching out after Shadow, the wayward cat. Shadow had dubbed him the “Old One” and soon would have to head off the see “Gentle Hands” Jane because he hurt his paw.

That night when Sunny and Mike went to the Redbrick for a decent meal, they were treated to none other than the sight of Jane Rigsdale, who once again appeared to snag a hot one. Things really began to sizzle when Jane cooled off her date by tossing the remains of her wine in his face. Maybe there was hope for Sunny and Will yet. It turned out that it was Martin Rigsdale, Jane’s ex who needed the cooling off. When Sunny took Shadow to Kitty Harbor Pet hospital she found out just what sort of crumb the other Dr. Rigsdale was. Before she knew it, Sunny was driving Jane over the Piscataqua River bridge so she could confront him.

“He was fine until they arrived,” receptionist Dawn Featherstone yapped at Detectives Trumbell and Fitch. Martin was lying on his examination table deader than a bag of nails. Someone had given him an injection in his arm after bashing him in the head. No, it didn’t look like he’d recover, but it looked like Jane was in big trouble after the incident at the Redbrick. Maybe that “bimbo receptionist” was trying to frame her, but one thing for certain was that Sunny had to figure out whodunit before Jane was locked up or someone else was murdered. “It’s remarkable really, how easy it is to kill someone when you put your mind to it,” the evil voice crooned. Seriously? Was it Sunny’s turn next?

A storm is brewing in Kittery Harbor when Sunny is caught at the scene of yet another murder. Sunny actually met Will Price at the scene of a crime and now, oddly enough, she’s found at the scene of yet another crime with Dr. Jane Rigsdale, her rival. Shadow, who has “pet” names for everyone, is a delightful charmer who has his own take on the situation. Shadow has turned up missing and this adds a bit more intrigue to the story as Sunny tries to sort out the missing pieces to the puzzle, a puzzle that includes blackmail, money laundering, and a bit of international intrigue. Even if you have a “biscuit eater,” you’ll love Sunny and Shadow!

Quill says: Don't be caught catnapping because you'll miss a purrfectly great series with Sunny and Shadow!

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