Saturday, March 30, 2013

Book Review - Outrageous October

Outrageous October

By: Barbara Levenson
Publisher: CreateSpace
Publication Date: February 2013
ISBN: 1480093661
Reviewed by: M.A. Thomas
Review Date: March 2013

Mary Katz is content with her life as a proficient criminal defense attorney and having a gorgeous fiancé, Carlos. Unfortunately for Mary, a rift developed in her relationship with Carlos the night she saw him with his ex-spouse in a restaurant. Without waiting to hear his explanation, she broke off her engagement with him, packed her belongings in her SUV and made her retreat to High Pines, Vermont with her German shepherd, Sam.

During her stay at her friend’s summerhouse in Vermont, Mary came to the realization that she was living in the wrong house when she received a stack of mail addressed to the Brousseau family. Carolyn Brousseau is the name of the socialite who was found murdered in the same house. Her son, Tom was the prime suspect, but her murder was still not solved. As a result of this discovery and further investigations, Mary ends up meeting the charming lawyer of the village, Dash Mellman. He is intrigued with Mary and persuades her to provide legal assistance for one of his clients. Although Mary came to Vermont to heal her broken heart after seeing her ex-fiancĂ© with another woman, she is dedicated to her career. She makes the decision to take over the legal case for Dash and suddenly finds herself immersed in a neighborhood feud that progresses into all-out warfare.

While her legal work is underway, Mary also learns that Lillian Yarmouth, one of her former clients has a daughter, Sherry who is missing. Her gut instinct tells her that Sherry’s new boyfriend is involved with her sudden disappearance. During the investigation, Lillian receives a phone call that her daughter is being held for ransom. She knows that time is of the essence before Sherry is found dead. Should Mary return to Miami to reconcile with Carlos or continue her involvement with the pending investigations in Vermont?

Outrageous October is the third mystery novel from the Mary Margruder Katz series. Ms. Barbara Levenson is a brilliant author who created a chilling tale that will captivate the imagination of readers as they turn each page. The characters are beautifully drawn and held my interest. Outrageous October is a suspenseful novel that I enjoyed and grateful for the chance to review. I am looking forward to reading Ms. Levenson’s fourth installment in her mystery series.

Quill says: Mystery fans will have a good adventure reading this gripping storyline that consists of an unsolved murder, mystery, and romance.

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