Sunday, January 13, 2013

Book Review - The Wizards of Wyrd World 3

The Wizards of Wyrd World 3: Way-Too-Real Aliens
By: Pamela Service
Publisher: Darby Creek Publishing
Publication Date: August 2012
ISBN: 978-0761379201
Reviewed by: Deb Fowler
Review Date: January 2013

Josh Higgins was way too not into having his little sister, Maggie, bother him, especially when he was trying to sleep. “Time to break out the alien gizmo,” she shouted at him. Not. The last time they’d tried that they had almost ended up as a couple of human sacrifices for Googoroo, the volcano god on a Not-So-Perfect-Planet. Josh wasn’t even going to entertain the thought until Maggie just so happened to mention that his favorite author, P.L. Cuthbertson, the author of the Wyrd World series was going to be coming to their school. How awesome could it get?

Cuthbertson’s series was a “medieval fantasy” that Josh couldn’t get enough of. Maybe somehow they could “plunk the device on his head and get him to” whiz them off to the Wyrd world. There was really no such thing as science fiction because in reality what they would do with the alien gizmo was “tune into worlds that exist somewhere else.” Of course Cuthbertson didn’t know that, but Josh and Maggie sure did. It was time to get moving and head over to the Forest View Motel to plunk that circlet and staff on P.L.’s head.

P.L., sci fi master writer, wasn’t about to believe a couple of kids, but once he spotted Leggy things changed. Leggy, “a multi-legged, polka-dotted creature,” did the trick and soon they were off to the Wyrd world. Things didn’t go quite as planned when they found themselves in the middle of a “skirmish between rebels and the soldiers of Gaurgum.” It wouldn’t be the first of their problems, nor the last. It wasn’t long before they met up with Tortaleen, the Alpha Spy of the Ty Burazi, who had a long knife and liked to use it. Were they ever going to get out of the Wyrd world or would they be stuck there in some sort of Wyrd time warp?

This is an exciting sci fi adventure that finds Josh Higgins trapped in an all-too-real Wyrd world. Josh, who is a sci fi writer in his own right, has the ability to travel into unknown worlds using his alien gizmo. Egged on by his sister, Maggie, he’s set off on his third venture into the Wyrd world. As in his other adventures, this world is filled with an amazing array of creatures such as Ouliths, Murmazites, and Chezoptrans that have definite appeal to the young sci fi fan. Josh and company find themselves in deep trouble when they encounter less than friendly aliens (again!). This is a quick read, one that will have high appeal to the young, reluctant reader.

Quill says: If you have a youngster who loves Wyrd sci fi, the Way-Too-Real Aliens series just might be one you want to look into!

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