Friday, January 4, 2013

Book Review - If Cats Could Talk

If Cats Could Talk: The Meaning of Meow

By: Michael Fertig
Publisher: New Seasons
ISBN: 978-1412740517
Reviewed by: Ellen Feld
Review Date: January 4, 2012

Cat lovers of the world unite! We know how wonderful and captivating our feline friends are and how they fill our lives with love and joy. We also know they can be opinionated, independent, and utterly irresistible, all at the same time. We also have a pretty good idea of what our pets are thinking. In If Cats Could Talk, author Michael Fertig has collected a great assortment of feline photos and paired them with witty comments – just what the cats were thinking.

Photo books are hard to review because, honestly, there’s not a lot to review. The text is sparse and while the photos may be wonderful, just how much can you say? Thus, this review will be short. With photos in both color and black and white, there is a wide selection of cats within the pages of this book. From the hairless, to the furrrrrr-ball, the adorable quotient is high. But adorable alone isn’t enough for a book – there needs to be the perfect match of photo to “cat thoughts” and I’m happy to report that the author succeeds in matching the two. From the soaking wet, wide-eyed cat who claims, “I won’t roll in that again,” to the kitten with the snarky grin who is telling a dog joke, the reader is sure to get plenty of smiles while breezing through this small book. If you love cats, and who doesn’t – you will enjoy this sweet and witty book.

Quill says: A fun cat book that would make a purr-fect little gift for the cat lover in your family.

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