Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Interview with R.L. Wogrin, author of The Twin

Today we're talking with R.L. Wogrin, author of The Twin

FQ: I know your primary occupation is as an artist and you have painted all 54 of Colorado’s 14000 ft.-high mountains? Is that correct? Do you still paint?

Yes I am still painting every day trying to perfect my style.

FQ: Did the painting and artistry somehow pull you into the literary world, or was writing something you wanted to explore?

Art has given me the ability to visualize. So my writing is simply writing about what I am seeing. So my writing is an extension of what I visualize.

FQ: There is so much knowledge within the story about the space program that I was wondering if you have any personal connection, or if NASA was a hobby or interest of yours?

I have always been aware of the NASA program. I was an architectural illustrator at the time that the Martin Marietta Corp. in Colorado, was developing the first moon module. The illustrations of it were by excellent artists showing their views of space. They planted the first idea for The Twin.

FQ: When it comes to the literary world, are you a sci-fi reader? Would that, out of the other categories, be the one most interesting to you personally?

Am I a sci-fi reader? Let's just say that I read all kinds of literature. I keep up with the world by reading daily. I use reading philosophies in all manner of life.

FQ: The Kaldean temperament and belief system has facets that I very much wish we, here on Earth, would adopt. Your points are well made about our philosophies leaning toward financial gain, or the belief that monetary wealth defines success; as well as on Page 193 when you talk about a selfless society. Do you believe there is any hope for that mentality to be adopted by humans?

The Kaldean temperament was developed by my own belief that God has given each of us a dream as to who we are. To find and follow that dream is our personal road to happiness. Sadly, outside influences too often interfere with that dream. Doing for others I believe is the secret. Sadly the unreasoning quest for wealth and power to often interferes.

FQ: I do live in Roswell, NM, and I am also a big believer in the line from Sagan’s Contact regarding the fact that if ‘we’ are the only ones here than it really is just a big waste of space out there - so I have to ask- do you believe that there is other life out there? Perhaps a real Kaldea that we just haven’t yet located?

I am a believer that other civilizations in this never ending space are quite possible. Kaldea? It's possible. If you're interested, read a book by Bill Bryson, A Short history of a little bit of everything. Possible? You bet! Space is not an empty void but a churning cauldron of all types of energy.

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