Friday, July 20, 2012

Book Review - Tahoe Trap

Tahoe Trap

By: Todd Borg
Publisher: Thriller Press
Publishing Date: August 2012
ISBN: 978-1-9312-9620-5
Reviewed by: Mary Lignor
Review Date: July 2012

Tahoe Trap, an excellent addition to Todd Borg’s Tahoe Mystery Series, starts with a phone call to Owen McKenna from a young boy named Paco who is in the back of a truck careening down a road near Lake Tahoe. The boys just screams “HELP ME!!” McKenna tries to get Paco to talk to him but all the boy can say is that he is trapped in the back of a pick-up truck near Tahoe and two men who are driving the truck have murdered his foster mother, Cassie. The men do not know that Paco had jumped into the truck and also didn’t know that he had witnessed the murder of his mother. McKenna, using all the police authorities in the area are trying to pin point Paco by using the GPS in his phone. McKenna finds out that the two men are contract killers from Vegas that use stun guns on their victims and then smother them with plastic wrap.

They do find Paco and Owen takes him home as the boy is an illegal and the only person who took care of him was Cassie. Paco knows a lot about gardening that he learned from Cassie and he also goes to school to learn English. McKenna doesn’t know why these men are after Paco but wants to catch them as, if he doesn’t, they will keep after the boy. So McKenna and his police cohorts hatch a plan, using Paco as bait, to catch them. This author has become a success writing this series featuring a detective and his dog. Good Job!! I'm looking forward to the next Tahoe Mystery.

Quill Say: A fascinating story with first class writing and, of course, my favorite character, Spot, a Great Dane that steals most of the scenes.

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