Wednesday, March 21, 2012

First Chapter

Readers - Looking for a place to find books?  A place where you can read the first chapter before buying?
Authors/Publishers/Publicists - Looking for a new place to promote your books? 

Check out First Chapter Plus

First Chapter Plus is your best source for book previews. Just as film previews help you decide whether to pay to watch a movie, each month our e-catalog will give you glimpses into the first chapters of books so you can read a preview before you decide to purchase a book.  Our catalog focuses on independent authors and independent publishers, those books, which just like independent films, are often cutting-edge, creative, and go beyond the mainstream. First Chapter Plus allows you, the librarian, bookstore owner, book reviewer, blogger, or reader to decide which books you want to read.  Besides descriptions, we provide direct links to the books on Amazon as well as the publisher and ISBN information you need to order a book today.  In this age of the Internet, doesn’t an e-catalog make the most sense for quick information and ordering? We think so and we hope you’ll agree.

— Irene Watson, Managing Editor
First Chapter Plus

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