Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The BEST Thing I've Done to Increase My Facebook Following

Every author wants to up their Facebook following.  I've tried various things, posting to other pages, keeping my page updated/current, etc.  While I might have gotten one or two "likes" from these efforts, over time, my fans remained few.  That's when I decided to hold a contest - and man, did that work well!!!  It's still going on so I don't know what the total increase will be but get this, after the first three days, my weekly stats arrived and, and, and.... those "talking about this" went up a whopping 2,250% and the "weekly total reach" increased 954%.  The secret?  I believe the fact that I made a fun photo contest brought a LOT of people to my site.  My books are not the theme of the contest although the winner gets to choose one of my books, along with a stuffed animal for a prize.  There are easy, easy apps to set up these contests.  I used "Offerpop" and it only took a few minutes for me to do it.  Curious?  Check it out - click on "photo contest" in the left column (note you have to "like" the page to view the contest).

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