Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Author Interview with Brenda Faye Collie

Today we're talking with Brenda Faye Collie, author of Almost A Senior

FQ: While some might find the setting and family circumstances for Almost A Senior not very “happy,” it was, however, very realistic and surprisingly quite upbeat. Was this intentional?

Yes, it was intentional. I wanted to write a realistic story about a loving family.

FQ: Loresha is a very strong young woman, providing a good role model for teens trying to find their way. Is the character of Loresha based on anybody?

Loresha is a fictitious character, but some of the things that happen to her are taken from bits and pieces of real people in my life.

FQ: The relationship Loresha had with her brother Jason was very touching. They fought but they obviously loved each other. So often books just give us siblings who fight and don’t seem to care for each other. Do you feel this relationship was important to Loresha as she found her way in the world?

The relationship between Loresha and her brother I hoped would be seen as loving and positive. Despite being on probation he is the oldest and a role model for Loresha. He is also a high school graduate.

FQ: Loresha does make some bad decisions. Do you think readers will relate to what she’s going through, with friends, drugs, pushy boyfriends?

I hope readers will relate. I feel many young people face these choices. Perhaps in some way Loresha will help them make the right decisions.

FQ: What do you hope teens reading this story will walk away with? What message do you want to bring to your readers?

The message I want to bring to young readers is “reach for the stars.” They can become whatever they want to in life. I hope Loresha is an inspiration to young readers.

FQ: Jason’s final career choice was a bit surprising. Was this to show that it’s okay to be different?

Yes I hope the young reader through Jason and even Loresha learns to be proud of who you are. It’s alright to be different.

FQ: Any chance we’ll see a follow-up book with Loresha in her senior year in high school? Or perhaps heading off to college?

Yes, Almost a Senior is the first installment of a trilogy. In the second novel, College Freshman 101, we find Loresha in her first semester of college and the third novel, Look Out World, Here I Come, follows Loresha after college graduation.

Thank you Ellen for some great questions and your interest in our books. Brenda Collie, Scott Martin.
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