Thursday, October 13, 2011

iSquare Update

Several weeks ago I posted a blurb about the iSquare, a new app that allows users to take credit cards via their phones, ipads, etc.  I had used it a few times and found it to be quite good.  Well, I recently had a multiple-day book signing and had LOTS of chances to use the iSquare.  Here is what I found:
  • Overall, it still rocks!
  • The app does take a bit of getting used to.  Perhaps partially due to nerves, the first few transactions were a little clunky.
  • If at all possible, use an ipad rather than an iphone.  Using the phone requires a bit more squinting of the eyes, and doesn't offer all of the features available for the ipad.  For example, with the ipad, you have the option of entering the total sale amount (which is what you do on the phone) or of entering each product, along with an image of said product, and then the price, which you entered when you set up your account, comes up automatically.  Also, the screen where the customer has to sign is MUCH larger.
  • Customers, for the most part, LOVED this app and thought it was very cool.  Some were genuinely excited.
  • Most decided not to have a receipt sent to their email/cell phone which I thought was odd.  Perhaps they thought I'd then track them, add them to my mailing list, etc.  I don't know.
  • While the app worked quite well, there were several times when it locked up.  I actually had a couple sales I couldn't get to go through.  It wasn't that the credit cards were bad, but rather, "can't get an internet connection."  Perhaps, since it was a large/busy venue, too many vendors were trying to use the wi-fi?
  • There was one time where the reader stopped working on my ipad.  It worked on my iphone, but not my ipad.  No idea what was wrong.  I thought the reader had gone bad but the next day it worked fine (and yes, it was pushed in all the way!).
  • Money was transferred into my account very quickly.  In addition, I received an email confirmation of each transaction, with a link for further information.  Clicking on the link sent me to a page with detailed info. included a google map pinpointing where the transaction too place.  Too cool.
  • Overall, the isquare still rocks!

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