Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Leads from Linda

We recently discovered at a recent Five Star co-op event.  You might want to give this a try.  



Hi Ladies,
This has been an exciting couple of weeks for LadiesLoop.  We were featured on multiple news stations in Phoenix and have had over 1,000 women join in the past week!  We have received a lot of questions about what LadiesLoop can do for you and other women in the Valley.  Here are some quick examples:
  • Advertise your business for FREE
  • Sell stuff you don't use or need (make $$$)
  • Find deals on services and goods (save $$$)
  • Inform women about events around the Valley
  • Find female friendly housing
  • Find employment
  • Share a recipe
  • etc, etc, etc

As you can see, LadiesLoop is the ultimate go-to resource for all women in the Valley.  If you have friends or family that could benefit from our network, please direct them to the website.

I'm calling on all of our members to visit the site and make atleast one post.  Your post could be anything from a networking event to an employment opportunity.  It's all about keeping each other in the "LOOP."  The more posts we have, the more beneficial this will be to us all.  So far, the children's goods section has the most items, but I would like to see the events, deals, and groups categories fill up with useful information.

Spoiler Alert!
Next week, LadiesLoop will be having its first Purse Party.  So get those purses out of the closet and shine them up...take a few pictures...and get ready to post them for sale.  Stay Tuned!

Here's to Peace, Love, and Shopping my friends,

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