Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday Finds

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Growing Up Laughing: My Story and the Story of Funny Growing Up Laughing is not just the story of an iconic entertainer, but also the story of comedy. In a voice that is curious, generous and often gleeful, Thomas not only opens the doors on the funny in her own life, but also explores the comic roots of today's most celebrated comedians.

The Storyteller When her world is invaded by creatures who capture humans for use as food and pleasure, slave Maryan believes she might, at last, be free... until a new lord and master runs a claw-tipped finger through her hair, triggering revelations with respect to the uniqueness of his captured prize. Told with wit and insight, Maryan's story is an adventurous journey of self-discovery; a tale of friendship between unlikely individuals, and of betrayal in surprising circumstances; it is a tale of love, and loss, and healing-- offering characters the reader will hope to hear from again.

Valley of Shadows A raid on a Pakistan Al-Qaeda cell recovers two laptops. When the computers' booby-traps are defused and the computers decrypted and translated, they indicate that Al-Qaeda has planned a series of simultaneous attacks in five U.S. cities involving potential dirty bombs, biological weapons and maybe even a nuclear weapon-on Election Day. Derek Stillwater, troubleshooter for the Department of Homeland Security, is assigned to a multi-jurisdictional Special Terrorism Activity Response Team (START) to locate the weapon and terrorists in Los Angeles and prevent the attack. They have two days. But as they close in on their targets, Derek begins to think that the intelligence they gathered is a sideshow to distract them from the real target-one of the two candidates for President of the United States.

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