Friday, December 31, 2010

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Share With Brother Brother has been waiting to play with his new sibling since the day Mommy and Daddy brought him home. However, his excitement soon wears off when everyone reminds him that he must share. As Brother tosses jacks and plays safari with his friends, his family says, "Share with brother and someday brother will share with you." But he doesn't want to share, and his temper steams until he is sent to his room for his selfish behavior.  Nevertheless, when the baby becomes sick, Brother doesn't hesitate to come to the rescue! He strings lights across his bed, reads him a book, and even shares his ice cream. Although Brother likes taking care of the little tyke, he later discovers that sometimes sharing comes with a catch! This charming tale, complete with illustrations of cuddly bunnies, humorously approaches the subject of jealousy between siblings. Children will laugh at Brother's silly antics as he grows to accept the baby while parents point out the lesson he learns about sharing.

Chronicle of the Ones Patrick, a young man living in the modern world, following the spiritual practices available in off the shelf texts, undergoes a full spiritual awakening. He discovers that the state of peace he has found within himself can actually disable intended attack, and sets out to discover how to implement what he had found in the world around him. Much to his surprise, many people of the world are not ready to just give up misery and attack and just be happy with him and each other. But nothing has any power to touch him at any level, so he continues to teach and demonstrate his new awareness through the healing and 'peacing out' effects it generates - to those who want it - and in spite of those who don't want it to be known and shared. Based in real spiritual principles, this is a lighthearted action-adventure alternative to the usual superheros with just bigger powers to defend and counter-attack. It is the beginning of a world where attack and defense are no longer needed in any form. Peace rules. Only peace creates enduring peace.

Bodie & The Burnt Orange Sunset Bodie may be small, but he believes that one day he will grow into a great longhorn. This rhyming children's book follows Bodie on his adventure across Texas as he attempts to become the strong, brave Bevo that University of Texas at Austin fans look for at football games. Fun facts about the university and longhorns are also included.

Giveaways: An ABC Book of Loanwords from the Americas Did you know that the okra plant and the word okra were introduced to the Americas from Africa? Or that squash was first a word from the language of the Narragansett tribe of New England? According to etymologists people who study words, languages, and word histories many languages grow by adopting words from other languages, or loanwords. American English is a giant stew, simmering with loanwords like okra and squash. In her latest book, Linda Boyden shares an alphabet list of indigenous loanwords from North, South, and Central America that have found their way into common usage either nationally or regionally. From abalone to zopilote, Boyden celebrates the cultural diversity of American English while her brilliantly colored collage illustrations and simple, direct text reveal the flexibility and adaptability of language to young readers.

Cubeology: Are You Brave Enough to Play? Cubeology is an immersive tale of magic, with interactive elements. Section 1 invites you (the reader) to play an ancient game called The Cube. This real-life marvel taps into the subconscious mind and gives each player a different message! Utilizing the imagery of the game, Section 2 presents a fictitious tale in which a group of friends discover the joys of magic and the pitfalls of messing with reality. Magic has never been more chilling. Finally, Section 3 completes the interactive journey by providing a streamlined Interpretation section. The secrets of The Cube are revealed in full, allowing your personalized Cube message to take on new significance. The only question is: Are you brave enough to play?

I Am God I Am God is the non-fiction autobiography of Jesus Christ's Second Coming existence as The Son of Man. The story is set in the present time and Jesus himself is a modern man. The Jesus detailed within this book does not speak Aramaic or walk about wearing an odd assortment of robes. Quite simply the unusual individual the work presents is not an ambulating anachronism incompatible with the complex realities of the world or a depthless caricature who can only fill out a church window pane. Instead the work acutely portrays the process of authentically discovering that you are Jesus Christ and then being forced to painfully learn what that truth means for both yourself and for Mankind. The book is divided into two main sections. The first is a chronological account of the author's life from birth up to the point in time when he came to completely accept his unique identity. The second portion of the book is a seven chapter delineation\dissection of what it is like to truly exist as Jesus Christ.

Ever By My Side: A Memoir of Family, Fatherhood, and the Pets with Me Through It All New York Times bestselling author Nick Trout has captivated readers by taking them behind the scenes into the heartwarming—and sometimes heartrending—world of veterinary medicine. In Ever By My Side, Nick turns the lens inward to offer a funny, moving, and intimate memoir about how the pets he has had throughout his life have shaped him into the son, husband, father, and doctor he is today. Using his relationships with those beloved animals to tell his life story, Nick shares the profound lessons he’s learned about friendship, loyalty, and resilience. The result is a moving story that speaks not just to animal lovers, but to any reader who appreciates the bonds we have with our loved ones, be they animal or human, and the lengths to which we go to nurture those bonds.

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