Friday, December 10, 2010

Friday Finds

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Hannah Reborn: Maturing and healing the soul beyond organized religion Hannah was born and raised in Denmark into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (or LDS). Her upbringing was centered around God and she became very dedicated to the LDS faith feeling deeply in her soul that it was the ultimate truth. That was until she had been married for six years.
Ed was born in the US and came from an LDS background like Hannah. Genealogy brought them together as they are ninth cousins. How exactly they met is a rather complicated story and involves an ad in the paper, letters sent across the Atlantic that were lost for six months, meetings with grandparents, pictures and letters between Ed and Hannah, and a telegram.
The book details how Hannah and Ed met across the continents and how they survived the first years of a troubled marriage as they found out how different they were relating to culture, language, and religion. The book then details Ed's confrontation when he reveals his deepest secrets that Hannah never suspected, how she had a breakdown because of the religious controversies, and finally it details her healing and how she was able to restore a faith, which was far more embracing.

Nancy Drew The New Case Files #2: A Vampire's Kiss The Girl Detective has been locked in a large estate with Gregor, the young man whom everyone suspects of being a vampire, only to learn he has a rare disease that won’t allow him to venture outside during the day. While Nancy’s friends George and Bess and boyfriend Ned are locked outside the estate, Nancy and Gregor are trapped inside with a crazed woman who believes Gregor is a real vampire, and that she must destroy him!


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