Sunday, October 24, 2010

Reviewer's Tip - Right Justification

We get a lot of self-published books at Feathered Quill and many of them are wonderful books that are right up there with books published by the "main-stream" NYC publishers.  But some of them still need a bit of work....  if you're doing the layout for your book yourself, PLEASE remember that book text is right justified!  This is the standard format.  Some self-publishers, whether because they don't realize right justification is standard, or they're trying to be different,  either left justify the text or center it (yes, we've had some books that centered ALL the text, all the way through the book!).  All  I can say is "DON'T!"

Don't try to be different, don't stray from the norm, don't ignore the standard format of right justification.  Besides giving an amateurish look to your book, it's hard on readers' eyes.  Yes, we do notice it.  So, if you want to compete with the "Big Boys," remember to right justify your text!

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