Sunday, October 10, 2010

Author Interview with M.L. Lacy

Today we're talking with M.L. Lacy, author of Chrysalis: The Awakening.

FQ: Vampires are really “hot” today and they play a very important role in your books. Why did you choose vampires instead of, say, fairies, or perhaps a made-up creature, to be Bree’s protectors?

You will learn Bree has many protectors as you go through the series. Steven was mortal, but he is also Bree’s ultimate soul mate. Magicals live forever…and Bree, if she crosses will as well…so I needed her soul mate to live forever. I wanted a little human in him so; I made him a vampire.

FQ: I have to ask – I loved the vampire variations, the “Traditionals” and the “Non-Conformists.” Where did this idea come from?

Just a thought I had. I figured they’ve been around forever, surely by now they had evolved. In my world the magical race lives among the mortal race, so I made them a little more civilized and called them non-coms. It also gives me a little more flexibility with the story.

FQ: Odessa is an important character in Chrysalis: The Awakening. Would you tell our readers a little bit about her, her role in helping Bree and if we’ll be seeing more of her in other books?

Odessa is Bree’s guardian and has been charged with helping Bree understand her new world. She’s been around for a very long time and she’s a very wise woman. They kind of have a grandmother/daughter relationship. She’s proud of Bree and amazed at what Bree can do as a mortal. In book 1 she plays a significant role as Bree’s sounding board. She is instrumental in guiding Bree to use the skills she has. She teaches Bree to look at both side and listen to both sides.

FQ: “Family” is a major theme in your books. The Clan is worth protecting above all else. Do you think that Bree’s dedication to her clan plays a key role in your story? Why?

Yes I do. Because strong family bonds build strong protective character. When you love someone, you will go to the ends of the earth to protect them. You grow stronger individually as well as a unit. Bree needs to be strong and gains that strength through family. They allow her to be human. The story is allowed to grow with the characters.

FQ: Thomas is my favorite character, and as a teaser to our readers, we will see more of him in book 2, Chrysalis: Tribulations. Without giving too much away, when you began your series, did you know where Thomas was going to go, how he would change?

Funny you should ask that question. The Thomas you know now is not the original Thomas. He was always going to be what he is…but his personality is much different…I like this one better.

FQ: The writing in Chrysalis: The Awakening switches from third person to first person (told by Bree). What made you decide to tell the story from both points of view?

To me it made it more real. And I’ve heard that same comment from others. I think there is a little more depth and I felt like I could do more with the story line. I wanted to give the reader as much as I could and leave you feeling invested in the story.

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