Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Teaser Tuesday

Back from our little break to attend BEA. Here are this week's teasers.

Dr. Cotton's lightness of being pulled me in like the inertia he professed. It's no wonder that twenty years later I fell for another physicist who taught me that life is all about energy.

With all that had been happening with our family and friends, we decided we needed a break away from home and farm routine. Our destination was San Luis Obispo and vicinity, and he headed off in high spirits.

How does he expect us to sell 2,ooo tickets? I only know 23 people!

She was so excited, it sounded as though she were talking about having gone swimming with sharks rather than merely visiting a theme park. All I could figure was, for all the glitz and glamour her life appeared to have, Summer had so few normal experiences that she found them incredible.

"Oh, sir, don't you know the legend of Onslow Square? Where true lovers walk, there are coins tossed at their feet like at their wedding."

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