Friday, February 12, 2010

Reviewer's Tip - Using Magazine Contacts

This tip is really a marketing tip, but we thought we'd include it here.

We've said it here and you've probably heard it from other sources too...authors need to get out and be seen.  One of the ways to promote themselves/their books is through magazine writing.  Write for speciality magazines in your niche market.  You'll get great exposure.  What else might you get?  I wanted to share a few examples from my own marketing experiences to show the sort of results you might expect if you really apply yourself. 

First, I write pre-teen horse adventures.  I've also written for numerous horse magazines for years.  One of my magazines, Tri-State Horse, asked me if I had any ideas for an upcoming issue.  Here's the result:

Want another example?  Young Rider Magazine is a national equine publication geared specifically to pre-teen/teen girls, my target audience.  The editor and I have worked together on articles in the past so she's familiar with my books.  Recently, she asked if I'd like to participate in the magazine's monthly giveaway contest.  Here's the result:

How's that for publicity?  Page 5 of a national publication, with a circulation of thousands.  I have lots of examples like this so next time you're wondering why you're taking the time to write all those articles, think of the publicity you'll get....

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