Friday, February 5, 2010

Reviewer's Tip - Email Interviews

At Feathered Quill, we offer "Author Interviews" as one of our services.  We email questions specific to the book being reviewed to the author, who returns his/her answers to us.  Simple.  There is no time limit on returning answers, so why do so many authors fail to read/edit their responses???!!!

When the interview is returned to me, I always read it before posting.  I will correct typos but it is not my job (nor is it allowed, IMO) to correct language.  I recently had an interview returned that was so full of typos that it seemed to take me forever to correct before posting.  Unfortunately, the answers were also full of statements that just didn't make sense.  In essence, the author was "un-selling" (is that a word?) himself.  Please, please, please!  Remember that, like every other marketing opportunity, the author interview is a chance to sell you/your book.  Re-read your answers, edit, and have a friend take a quick look too.  A second pair of eyes can do wonders for catching errors.

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