Monday, October 5, 2009

Self-Promotion or Death: PR Tips from Sara Dobie

Submit your book for awards. The RIGHT awards. By “right,” I do not necessarily mean the ones that cost a fortune. I mean the ones that your book might actually win. I know I always talk about doing your homework, and I know you get sick of hearing it. However, homework is the key to award submissions. There are so many awards out there. You need to make sure that your book has a shot in the contests you enter. So check ‘em out. There are listings in the Writers’ Market. But you can also just search the internet. Try to find the awards that are FREE. Many of them cost money, and as an independent author, you may not be able to afford submission. So again, find the awards that are FREE. And submit away. Send something akin to a promotional package with your award submission, complete with cover letter, promotional materials about you/your book, and of course, your book itself. Awards function as publicity tools. If you win awards, people will be more attentive to you and your writing. They will be more likely to purchase your book, so go after those awards! So simple and so easy to forget!

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