Monday, October 19, 2009

Marketing 101 - Publication Dates

We've been running a weekly column every Monday on marketing, written by Sara Dobie of Sylvan Dell Publishing. As that column has come to an end, we decided there were still plenty of marketing suggestions for our readers so.... introducing Marketing 101. Every Monday we'll offer suggestions to help your book reach its target audience.

As the year nears an end, we've received several books in for review that have a December publication date. We have to ask - why? Why choose December for your book's publication? Is it to get the holiday sales? If so, you're several months too late. Is it simply a matter of "that's when the book will be ready"??? Please consider changing the date to early 2010. December is probably the worst month to release a book. Did you know that bookstores will consider a book with a December 2009 publication date as last year's book? To them, current, immediate, just published is what they want. Unfortunately, most won't look beyond the 2009 date. In January, 2010, just a month after release, your book is viewed as old by so many. Getting attention in the over-crowded book world is hard enough. Don't make it harder by making your book old before its time. Move the publication date to January, or even better, February of 2010. January sales tend to be a bit light because shoppers' wallets are still recovering from the holiday season.

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  1. Amen! Fourth quarter is also the busiest - first quarter the lightest.