Monday, July 6, 2009

Self-Promotion or Death: PR Tips from Sara Dobie

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Sara Dobie, Public Relations Coordinator for Sylvan Dell Publishing in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina. I've seen books thrive; I've seen books fail. It's all thanks to the author. It's all thanks to self-promotion. So here we are. From now on, you'll get a tip of the week from me on topics ranging from website etiquette to book events and signings. Feel free to stop by my blog, too: You'll find all sorts of useful information and interviews there. Let's get started. Self-promotion or DEATH!

Tip of the Week:

“If you’re an author/writer, I’m assuming you have a website dedicated to you and your work. (If you don’t, we have trouble. If you don’t, get one NOW, whether it be a blog or an expensive, designer site. Just DO IT.) On your website, do you have an easy way for people to order your book? It sounds simple, but people overlook it all the time. On your website/blog, you should have a link to your publisher’s website, a link to Amazon, and a listing of which bookstores carry your book. How else are you going to make your money if people don’t buy your product? So be sure you make ordering easy for your fans. Otherwise, you’ll never make a profit, because let’s face it, people are lazy. But it you give them a magic button that says BUY THIS BOOK, they are much more likely to cough up the dough and build your fan base.”

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  1. Great advice, Sara. I get so frustrated when I look up an author and can't find a website. Sound advice!