Saturday, July 25, 2009

Tips for Authors-Mail Your Review Book ASAP!

Welcome to our new column offering tips for authors on how to get their books reviewed. Suggestions range from contacting a review site to proper formating of a book. All sorts of things that our reviewers see every day, from the good, the bad, and the ugly!

Tip # 1 - With all the new books/new authors trying to get a book review, it can sometimes be very hard to find a site that is willing to review your book. If you hear back from a review site and they say "yes, please send us a review copy" (something every author loves to hear), send a copy right away! I'm always amazed at how many authors (and even publishers/publicists) fail to send along the review book, or wait a month or more to send it out. By then, the review site has probably received dozens of other books and may no longer have time to review your book, or if they've promised to review it, the book may wind up at the bottom of a very big review stack (which has grown larger since the initial contact). Send a review copy immediately upon request and send it priority - DO NOT send via media mail. We've had books take a month or more when sent media. Also, when you do get that much anticipated email from a review site asking for a copy of your book, acknowledge the email with a quick, "thanks, I'll get a copy of my book sent out right away." Let the reviewer know you are serious about promoting your book!

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