Monday, December 6, 2010

Kardashians Walk Out of Book Signing

I don't follow celebrities, or celebrity-wanna-bes who are famous for being famous but I found this news blurb interesting and as an author, amazingly frustrating.  It seems the Kardashian sisters of the reality show Keeping Up With the Kardashians recently published a book.  The book, Kardashian Konfidential, has risen to the top of the charts.  That's not the frustrating part, this is...apparently at a recent book signing, the sisters decided they were tired of signing books and simply left the store.  Yes, they got up and left.  What's worse is that there were approximately 100 people who had already purchased the book, waiting in line to have their books signed.  They didn't leave at the end of their allotted time, but rather, well before the signing was scheduled to end.  Wow, can you imagine that?  First to not support your fans, and just get up and leave?  Leave before the allotted time is up?  Double wow.

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