Friday, July 5, 2024

 #Bookreview of Pigs Have Wings

By: Kathleen Welton

Illustrated by: Chau Pham

Publisher: Bookfox Press

Publication Date: June 16, 2024

ISBN: 978-1-960157577

Reviewed by: Anne Hubbard

Review Date: July 3, 2024

Pigs Have Wings, by award-winning author Kathleen Welton, is the inspiring children’s story of a determined little pig who has big dreams.

Our story opens as we meet Miz Peg, a petite pig who is adorable in her own right, but is unhappy for a very specific reason. She desires to dance and sing, but whenever she tries, she finds herself tumbling onto the ground. When she expresses her longing to jump and dance to her friends, they all tell her she is being silly, because “pigs don’t have wings.” Peg notices some birds flying high effortlessly, and thinks that if anyone can help her, it has to be them. So, she tries again to dance, this time in their presence, but still finds herself falling flat on the ground. This is when Peg meets a kind owl, who swoops down to offer her much-needed encouragement, inspiring Peg to do what she never could before.

Welton tells a sweet, simple story of a determined little pig that is written in rhyme, which little ears are sure to love. The sweet story demonstrates a powerful and important message for young readers: that working hard and believing in themselves will help them to achieve their dreams. It is especially important these days when some young people may be told that they cannot do something simply because of the way they look, walk, or talk. This inspiring tale can offer them hope that simply by persevering and accepting themselves for who they are, amazing things can happen.

Welton does a superb job of making this story flow well in rhyme, which little ones often love. The illustrations, done by Chau Pham, are top-notch as well. They are bright and vivid, offering specific details to accurately depict each particular scene and make the story come alive. Kids will especially adore the scene portraying Peg’s friends cheering for her as she achieves her dreams at the end.

Quill says: With the inspiring message of perseverance and believing in yourself along with the vibrant, adorable illustrations, Welton has achieved a definite success with her latest children’s book Pigs Have Wings.

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