Thursday, December 29, 2022

#AuthorInterview with Behcet Kaya, author of Murder in Buckhead

Today, Feathered Quill reviewer Tripti Kandari is talking with Behcet Kaya, author of Murder in Buckhead: A Jack Ludefance Novel.
FQ: Murder in Buckhead is the fourth work in your Jack Ludefance series - out of the four, which one did you enjoy writing the most?
KAYA: Well! I enjoyed all of them but the Appellate Judge touched me more because I have been studying the violin for the past three years. Playing well has become my passion in addition to writing great novels.
FQ: Do you identify with Jack, the main character in your series?
KAYA: Yes! At times I feel I am him and he is a younger version of me.
FQ: With the characters of Rudy and Turner, a relationship is shown that develops from a mutual professional motive and compatibility. What motivated you to present this soft, barely spoken relationship between professionals?
KAYA: Turner is the first detective that Jack immediately felt a connection with and respect for. With Rudy, Jack has come to realize how much he depends on Rudy’s talent, despite the fact that Rudy has issues and is a very complex character.
FQ: From where did you get your inspiration for writing murder mystery novels?
KAYA: In my childhood I read all of Mike Hammer novels that had been translated into Turkish. In addition during my teenage years I read all of Yasar Kemal’s crime novels. I was hooked.
FQ: Readers are introduced to a slew of minor characters in Murder in Buckhead; what do you think is the most effective use of minor characters in a novel?
KAYA: The minor characters support the main character and the storyline.
FQ: What is your approach to criticism of your novels?
KAYA: It depends on whether its constructive criticism or malicious criticism. With constructive criticism my approach is use it to improve the story line. i.e. My Chadish (in Klingineese my editor) my editor and I have a fantastic working relationship. I could not ask for a better editor. As far as a few obviously malicious criticism, I try very hard not to let out cuss words.

Author Behcet Kaya

FQ: What is the most difficult aspect of developing a murder-mystery plot for you?

KAYA: So far I haven’t had any difficulties in developing any of the plots for the Jack Ludefance series. I form the crime in my mind and envision it from start to finish.
FQ: Do you plan to work on a fifth book in the Jack Ludefance series? If so, can you give our readers a sneak peek? Or, might you go in a different direction with a new series?
KAYA: I have already begun writing number five (Pleasurable Death, Indecent Exposure- title to be determined). A college professor is found asphyxiated and nude in his college office where he was a professor.
FQ: What lessons have you learned from your earlier works and how have you tried to improve on them in this sequel?
KAYA: Despite the fact that the four novels can be stand alone, I have realized that I must introduce Jack and all his details in each novel. In each of the novels Jack is presented with a moral dilemma. Developing Jack’s character to meet these moral dilemmas has become the most fascinating part.

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