Wednesday, October 26, 2022

#BookReview - Slade by Robb Grindstaff


By: Robb Grindstaff
Published by: Evolved Publishing, LLC
Publication Date: May 2022
ISBN: 978-1622532810
Reviewed By: Kathy Stickles
Review Date: October 25, 2022

This is the story of Slade Bennington, who while trying to take care of his sister thirty years previously, was in a horrific car accident that took the life of his sister and left him alive but severely disabled and disfigured. While the accident could have killed Slade as well, he was spared and took that to mean that his life had a reason for continuing and he needed a new outlook. This is the story of a man who overcame trauma and heartbreak and turned it into a new reason for living. It is also a tragedy that spurned a bestselling novel and a hit movie for the main character.

Moving forward after his recovery, Slade becomes a counselor for others, using his story and the good that came from it (most notably his beautiful wife and three beautiful daughters). Now Slade wants to help others find a path in life that is worth following rather than one that leads to disaster and even more pain. Soon, he becomes a force in the world for some of Hollywood’s most influential people. But as Slade becomes a spiritual leader for so many of these people, we see that this "fame" is something he never wanted and does not always know how to deal with. He simply wanted to tell his story.

This novel is full of very interesting and well-written characters who follow Slade along his journey. Unfortunately, there is one character who does not agree that Slade is a wonderful and powerful force but one who is evil and controlling, and this person spends years plotting revenge. This part of the story leads to a very serious question; is Slade someone to be adored or someone who is brainwashing and manipulating people rather than truly helping? For that answer, every reader will have to decide for themselves.

This is a very interesting and well-written novel that is told to the reader through a very different style. Rather than a regular chapter-by-chapter format, the author writes the entire novel as a series of interviews that Slade’s biographer holds with Slade and many others in his life. These interviews are with people who know Slade well and adore him as well as those who believe he is not as wonderful as others make him sound. The style makes for a very stimulating read that causes the reader to think and make some decisions for themselves. In addition, Grindstaff has a wonderful way of writing that makes the story come through as not only tragic but very witty with a kind of dark humor that leaves the reader almost laughing at various points in the story.

Slade is a novel that is very readable and enjoyable. The main character, Slade, is an unusual protagonist and his story is so well-written that it unfolds for the reader perfectly. In addition, each character in the book has a real purpose to the storyline and they are each well-developed and intriguing.

Quill says: Slade is written in a very unique style that brings a refreshing feel to the story. It is a thought-provoking novel and I recommend it and the unique format in which it is written.

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