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#BookReview - Bound by Honor by Regan Walker

Bound by Honor (The Clan Donald Saga, Book 2)

By: Regan Walker
Publisher: Regan Walker Publishing
Publication Date: August 24, 2022
ISBN: 978-1735438122
Reviewed by: Lily Andrews
Review Date: September 1, 2022
Bound by Honor (The Clan Donald Saga, Book Two) is the second installment in the Clan Donald Saga and a glisteningly ambitious novel that offers more than meets the eye with its crisp storytelling and impeccably built characters.
Here, readers are introduced to two men of royal blood, Angus Macdonald and his compeer Robert Bruce, who forge a binding friendship between them in their youth that shape the destiny of Scotia during the turbulent medieval times. When his father suddenly dies and his elder brother is murdered, Angus becomes the new Lord of the Isles and together with Robert, endeavors to out battle his rivals along with securing the Scottish crown for Robert from the treacherous King Edward 1.
The story follows the two men, their love lives, and their devotion to each other. Their pledge of honor is a constant in the story despite the chaos and mayhem that characterize this period and will hold them together for years to come. Angus marries the beautiful and strong Aine O'Cahan, a woman who stands by him in his pursuit of peace and outwitting the English. Robert on the other hand has his eyes set on Elizabeth De Burgh, a Norman heiress and a motivating factor in his life. Together, these characters unfurl a captivating tale of friendship, courage, love, and heroism during a time when the Englishmen and their fellow countrymen rivaled for the control of the Scottish crown.
Outlying yet august, the rugged terrain of the Scottish north comes alive in this literary ode through its vivid descriptions. The text pulls back the curtain on a legendary chateau teeming with history and myth. One of the book's masterstrokes is the lyricism that runs through the prose, adding grace to the story, and ultimately making it irresistible. The presence of a strong plot, fast-paced and intricate, further elevates this book to a level beyond its genre. Author Regan Walker certainly triumphs in summoning to life a natural Middle Age period that is thoroughly researched resulting in a rich tapestry that effortlessly blends facts and fiction.
The story is told compellingly and Author Walker has the adeptness of creating characters that are real and memorable, allowing readers to enjoy the labyrinths of the mind of Angus, the central protagonist. Essentially a continuation of the first volume of the series, Bound by Honor may be read as a standalone novel. It does not dally in its progress but throws readers right into the heart of the story. Its beguiling beginning too serves as a literary canapé creating a vivid imagination in a reader's mind.
Altogether, Bound by Honor by Regan Walker is a historical thriller that delivers annexations and conquests with gusto and this is conveniently whisked with the right amounts of dialogue culminating in a world of adventure. Further, Walker does a brilliant job serving up seemingly endless pages of British history and lore.
Quill says: Bound by Honor by Regan Walker deserves acclamation for its keen eye for detail and graceful writing skill and is a valuable read in its own right.
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