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#BookReview - Holding Superman's Hand by Amy Katherine

Holding Superman's Hand

By: Amy Katherine
Publisher: Atmosphere Press
Publication Date: May 20, 2022
ISBN: ‎ 978-1639883431
Reviewed by: Amy Lignor
Review Date: May 18, 2022

Right off the bat, I must say, this author declares herself to be both an artist and a writer...which is exactly what she is. To clarify: the scenes, the locations, the characters – every aspect of the book feels as if it’s being painted right before the reader’s eyes. I was mesmerized. This amazes me, because to get to the “mesmerized” level takes quite a bit for me, considering how many books I read each week.

The main character I felt at home with; her name is Amy Emerson, and she’s at that point in life we all look back on and (hopefully) remember fondly. It’s the time of our first slice of freedom. Amy’s world is going well. Not only has she received a scholarship and had the collegiate doors open for her so she can start diving in and learning in this, her first semester, but she has also won out over many in the Lone Star State. You see, there is a much-wanted job opening in Austin, Texas – being a bartender at a highly awesome local – and Amy has landed it and is now wearing that highly-desired hat. Now, all of this sounds like a niche that everyone would die for, especially at her age; however, there’s another aspect to Amy’s life that brings darkness along with all this newfound success.

We segue to, readers meet Mr. Matt Abernathy; some will like him, while others will dislike his self-appreciation and somewhat self-importance that exudes from his words and actions. He has the perfect job — as a bouncer, Mat can use his gift of intimidation quite often. As the author “paints” his portrait, we are met with this Texas Hill Country graduate student’s stunning good looks that, quite literally, makes him Superman’s stand-in: he’s that pretty. Oddly, he laughs like the very jovial Santa, yet he also seems to despise greatly anything, anyone, or any moment in time that he feels is simply wrong and goes against his own morals and honorable standards that he holds upon a pedestal.

Readers will be drawn to this coming-of-age story simply because there are twists and turns in this one that come out of nowhere. Amy, at the age of 17, is staring at a future paved in gold, yet her emotions for Matt are strong and readers will watch and wonder whether or not Amy can somehow find a way to disengage from what looks to be a relationship headed for total disaster.

Yet another upside comes from the fact that this is said to be a new series, which means I’m hooking my wagon to this train ASAP. The author had me at the beginning, and watching Amy’s courage grow and Matt’s story unfold made for a powerful tale. Every word spoken by these characters leads me to believe this author has a whole lot more to say, and has shown already that she has the creativity and talented voice to build a huge audience—sooner rather than later.

Quill says: Holding Superman's Hand is a fantastic read that is mysterious, romantic, dramatic, and memorable; this title completely earns the “5-stars” rating.

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