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5 Effective Ways to Promote Your Book on Social Media

5 Effective Ways to Promote Your Book on Social Media


Social media has made it much easier for people to promote things. Nowadays, you no longer need hired help who would go to people’s doorsteps to advertise your product. All you need is access to the internet and you can promote anything to customers around the world. Additionally, there are several social media platforms you can use simultaneously and reach out to your target audience in a more effective manner. 

The majority of promotional social media campaigns are successful, for the reach that social media provides is unparalleled. A self-published author needs to have a social media presence for all the promotional activities. That said, in order to effectively promote your book, you need to keep a few things in mind. Here are five tips on how to form a reliable strategy to promote your book hassle-free on the internet. 


1)    Thoughtful promotional content

The first thing you may need to consider in order to boost your reach is a well-written promotional post. Interacting with fan pages or reaching out to people in DMs is not enough. The content that you use to interact with your audience should be crisp, thoughtful, and engaging. It is challenging for many writers to create promotional content for digital marketing. You may write a bestseller and at the same time not know how to write content for promotional purposes that may create awareness among readers. This is often referred to as social media writer’s block. In such cases, you may want to opt for professional content writers to do the job effortlessly. Make sure to check out The Writing Money and get all the support that you need with writing services. Outsourcing content creation can be the key to success.


2)    Use hashtags

There are several benefits to using hashtags on social media. Not only does it help in building brand value, but also creates a collection of posts having the same hashtag. You may decide on a unique hashtag for your book, which could probably be the name of the book itself, and ask your followers to use it when posting stories, photos, or anything related to your book. However, it is equally important that you see hashtags that are relevant to your post because too many meaningless hashtags can decrease the influence of the post. It can also distract readers, so it is always better to use hashtags that are trendy and relevant to your post. 


3)    Share photos

One of the key strategies to promotion is to have people share their experiences and pictures with your product. You may want to do the same and get your readers to post photos with your book as well as their reviews. By doing so, it will help in creating a buzz around your book. You may then repost, share, or otherwise leverage customer testimonials on your social media accounts. This is said to be the most effective way of advertising a product for absolutely free.


4)    Share a free chapter

In both fiction and non-fiction books, offering a free chapter can be a really great solution to attract readers. A free chapter is telling of the entire content of the book and creates curiosity among the readers. Before putting out a free chapter from your book, do mention it on your social media accounts. Moreover, you can also send an email containing the free book chapter to your followers.


5)    Use Instagram 

Presently, many people are using Instagram for business. On Instagram, one can find a plethora of pages about books and an army of people looking for book recommendations. Some reasons why you should invest your time in promoting your book on Instagram are:

      Instagram is the perfect place to be for book readers and authors. 

      You can create a separate page to promote your book or just promote it on your existing Instagram account and post aesthetic pictures of your book, share excerpts, and post reviews as well.

      There are many good features of Instagram that you can use to your benefit to promote your book. Be it Instagram stories or reels, they allow you to reach a wider audience. 

      You can also consider adding posts frequently on Instagram for maintaining the reach. 

      One is allowed to post up to 10 photos at once along with a caption, and this can be a great way of promoting your book to your followers.

The Bottom Line

The above-mentioned tips can help you achieve your goal of successfully promoting a book on your social media. With the growing technology, it is easier than ever to advertise your new book to everyone worldwide. Social media provides great opportunities for people looking to promote their products. You just need to maintain a decent social media presence and be consistent with posting about your product. It is time for all the authors to use social media and benefit from the wide range of its features free of cost. 


Author’s bio. Jessica Fender is a professional writer and educational blogger. Jessica enjoys sharing her ideas to make writing and learning fun. You find her on Twitter.

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