Wednesday, January 5, 2022

It's Almost Award Time!

- Place re-order for our award seals - check
- Verify that we have enough finalist award seals - check
- Order a new supply of embossed award certificates - check
- Order a new supply of embossed award certificate jackets - check
- Spend the holidays reading/scoring award books - check
- Email judges to make sure all is going well and on schedule with their reading/scoring - check
- Keep reading/reviewing books coming in for review - check
It's a crazy/busy time here at Feathered Quill as we get ready to announce this season's award-winning books. Winners will be announced on Feb. 1, 2022. And again this year, nominations were up, this year about 20% over last year. Now in our 8th year of our award program (and going on 14 years of reviewing!), we are truly grateful for all the authors who have put their books in our hands to both review and award.


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