Thursday, December 2, 2021

#BookReview - Target: The Girl (The Emily Calby Series, Book 3)

Target: The Girl (The Emily Calby Series Book 3)

By: Dorian Box
Publisher: Friction Press
Publication Date: December 2021
ISBN: 978-1734639919
Reviewed by: Dianne Woodman
Review Date: December 2, 2021
Target: The Girl is the third book in The Emily Calby Series, by award-winning author Dorian Box. In this story, our protagonist, twenty-year-old Emily has embarked on a new and challenging stage in her life. She moved from Memphis, Tennessee, to St. Augustine, Florida, to start her first year of law school. She is living outside her comfort zone without the in-person support of Lucas Jackson, who is Emily’s trusted confidant and protector. Emily’s past is full of heartbreak, violence, criminal behavior, and imprisonment. These issues were the catalyst for the development of her posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD).
Life for Emily as a first-year law student is full of challenges. Past trauma is still affecting her reactions to social situations as PTSD triggers occur without warning. She finds herself in an unaccustomed position when it comes to developing friendships as she has had little social experience other than with Lucas since the age of twelve. She wants to help people in untenable situations, whether they are of their own doing or they are being taken advantage of by others. This desire gets her into some unpredictable and emotionally draining plights. She is contending with the responsibility of achieving a good balance between multiple commitments and the demands of law school. This juggling act gives readers an inside look at the life of a student pursing a legal career. A brief overview of cases discussed in classes is included in the story.
Dorian Box has penned an excellent addition to his Emily Calby series. All the characters come across as real people who are dealing with daunting life issues, and their reactions fit the traits that make up the characters’ personalities. Readers gain insight into the characters’ motivations and decisions behind reactions to scenarios in which they find themselves. The internal and external conflicts show character growth and contribute in an impactful way to the overall plot of the story.
In some instances, decisions on the part of characters lead to thought-provoking reflections for readers as to whether the choices were justifiable or reprehensible under the circumstances. The style and tone of the dialogue suitably fit the characters. The author does not go overboard in the use of profanity, and the strong language is a reflection of the moods and emotions the characters are experiencing.
Target: The Girl is a moving story about a young woman’s resilience in dealing with the fallout from shocking and heartbreaking events in her past. Anyone interested in learning more detail about Emily’s adolescent experiences will want to read the first two books in the series.
Quill says: A powerful and emotional story featuring a trauma survivor that will touch your heart.
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