Wednesday, September 8, 2021

#BookReview - Where's My Cow?

Where's My Cow?
By: Susan Blackaby
Illustrated by: Scott Brundage
Publisher: Sleeping Bear Press
Publication Date: August 2021
ISBN: 978-1534111073
Reviewed by: Ellen Feld
Review Date: August 7, 2021
Egrets and cows - what a perfect combination for a silly and engaging children's book and that's exactly what author Susan Blackaby has done with her new book, Where's My Cow?
In a pasture near the sea, a herd of cows happily graze. And along with the cows, a flock of egrets share the pasture, mostly on the backs of the cows. Every morning the egrets leave the pasture to explore the beach. But there's one little egret who refuses to fly off to the beach. She loves listening to stories that "her cow" tells her about the far away places the cow has visited. The egret won't fly away to explore the beach because she's worried that if she flies away, she'd be unable to find her cow friend upon her return. The cow promises to be in the same place when the egret returns, which gives the bird enough courage to fly away.
But as the egret flies up into the sky, she panicks - she can't see her cow. She searches and searches until she's finally able to find her favorite cow.
"I didn't go," said the egret. "How would I ever find you again?"
"Obvious." The cow twitched her ears. "Watch for these."
Encouraged, the egret flies away again and this time has the courage to explore the beach. But when the bird returns, again she can't find her cow. Apparently, all the cows twitch their ears. Who knew? It takes a while for the egret to find her cow friend. Next time, the cow tells her to look for the twitching tail. And again, when the egret returns, she discovers that all the cows twitch their tails. Would the two friends ever figure out an easy way to find each other?
Where's My Cow? is a delightful story full of an egret and cow's determination to maintain a friendship when obstacles stand in their way. It's a bit silly and definitely a happy-go-lucky tale that will elicit giggles from young readers. It's also a carefully crafted story to help youngsters dealing with separation anxiety. The illustrator, Scott Brundage, who has a special love for drawing cartoons, has created whimsical characters that add a flair of fun to the whole book. Overall, I give this book a hefty 5-star endorsement.
Quill says: Not just a lighthearted adventure about an enduring friendship between a cow and egret but a tale that will help youngsters with separation anxiety.

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