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5 Tips for Writers to Build a Personal Brand on Social Media

5 Tips for Writers to Build a Personal Brand on Social Media



One of the most important aspects that any writer coming to social media should realize is that people these days will use either professional or personal accounts. It may be a bit complex for those who have no prior social media experience. In simple terms, if you are wishing to start your business as a writer and promote your work in terms of commercial profits only, you should focus on business accounts on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, or Twitter. 


However, it is also possible to make things more personal and keep your posts unified as you share more candid information and trivia that will make your audience appreciate you more as a person. In either case, since we are dealing with a personal brand on social media, the safest way would be to set your goals and create a more personal relationship with your audience since it is usually the purpose to be recognizable as a writer.


5 Tips That Will Help You Create a Personal Brand on Social Media 


1. Learn to Set Yourself Apart. 


It means that you should find that unique aspect related to your writing style and personality. Your brand is what you would like to be known for. Before you establish something online, just ask yourself what you would like to be known for and what sets you apart from the rest. Do not forget that you cannot just mention that you are a writer because you will have to compete with skilled entrepreneurs and implement marketing. Therefore, you should choose a specific niche and narrow things down a little bit! Your audience may not include just anyone but will revolve around people who will truly appreciate your art and spread the word further! 


2. Your Content Matters


Of course, you can talk about writing, marketing, your interests, your family life and basically anything that comes your way, yet it will not fully reflect your marketing plan and will not make your content unique. The trick is to focus on something that you do really well and where you can serve as an expert. It will always depend on what can explain the best way possible. For example, if you have lived somewhere in Europe and worked as a fashion designer, it can be mentioned in your posts with the link to your book where you use relevant skills. It will help people see why you have included something in your narration. Likewise, your biography should include more than just several lines about your life and interests. These days it is vital to provide a clear LinkedIn profile bio that can help your audience identify you with professional skills that you have. 


3. Hashtags and Social Profile Unification. 


Take your time to study hashtags that relate to your writing style and interests. Most importantly, create your own hashtag and remember to use the same profile picture, full name, or nickname for all social media platforms that you use. It will help people recognize you both as a person and as a brand. Even if you do not use something like TikTok yet, make sure that you reserve your social name profile by turning to websites like Knowem regarding name availability. 


4. Daily Posting Routine. 


Post daily and make yourself easy to find! It should not be long or too complex, yet it must be inspiring and honest. It is recommended to post 2 times per day on Facebook, while Twitter will require at least 5 daily posts, just like Pinterest. As for Instagram, 2-3 daily posts will be good enough to keep the right balance of your online presence. 


5. Cooperation With Influencers. 


Participate in charity and social projects, get to know social media influencers, make duets by sharing joint videos, and discuss things together. If you become known for something positive, it will already make your branding strategy work as people will recognize you. Of course, you do not have to be everywhere because it can quickly make you a star for one day only! Participate only in related campaigns and always choose them wisely! 



Know What You Share



The trick is to control what you share and understand clearly where your online personality starts and where the mark should not be crossed. If something that you post can be valuable and teach people an important lesson that you have learned, it is worth sharing. As a writer, you must be creative by sharing things that inspire you. If it means talking about your professional and business challenges, you should not ignore being sincere. While it may not bring you more sales or create additional traffic, it will help your visitors see you as a person who is confident and comfortable about sharing things. 


Author’s bio. Jessica Fender is a professional writer and educational blogger. Jessica enjoys sharing her ideas to make writing and learning fun. You can contact Jessica via her Twitter account:

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