Wednesday, May 19, 2021

#BookReview - Beneath the Ruins by Louis Woyak

Beneath the Ruins
By: Louis Woyak
Published by: Louis Woyak
Publication Date: March 27, 2021
ISBN: 978-1-7367634-0-7
Reviewed By: Amy Lignor
Review Date: May 19, 2021
As one who praises books like The Maze Runner series and YA adventures that take one and all to a completely new realm, I have to say that this book is right up there with all of them! However, this author has also managed to write out-of-the-box. Woyak introduces readers to a dark, gritty, dystopian realm called Arkdale. But even if you believe this “dystopian” background has been done too many times before, it will take you only two pages to realize that this author shows you why, “You ain’t seen nothin yet!”
Like those out there who wait for the end of days, Arkdale is preparing for the month of Darkness that will soon be upon them. With the coming of Darkness comes the threatening, frightful creatures that are allowed to roam freely and leave death and destruction in their wake. Fear is an understatement for Arkdale’s residents, who choose to keep safe by locking themselves behind the high walls that surround their city. There are those, however, who are set on a mission that will not allow them to hide.
At an ancient location known as the HARP, a secret has been unearthed; something so powerful that it could literally bring the past back to fruition and form a future that no one wants. A mysterious group in Arkdale that goes by the name of the “Architects” finds this particular secret more than interesting, and end up turning their focus on the HARP, along with the military they lead. But…they have their own enemy who has the ability and desire to be a god.
Once only a legend, the Draugr is an entity that’s slowly coming to life. With its own brand of military in the form of half-dead creatures, this powerful being has only one mission in mind: to destroy the entire world.
With all this legendary power, you would expect a hero like Hercules to save the day. However, in Arkdale, it is a quartet of orphans turned outcasts who must join together and use their friendship, wit, talent and skills to stop a battle that will include everything from metal destructors to ancient horrors. While coming face-to-face with the unspeakable, these friends will discover facts from their own personal pasts. And while one will be changed repeatedly during the twists and turns that commence, all will fight in their own way to brighten the present that’s getting darker by the minute.
Who are the real bad guys? What characters introduced are actually trying to help these outcasts, and which appear simply to destroy their every effort? question of all…when is the next book coming? Yes, the ending is so amazing that you’ll want to get the next title in your hand as soon as humanly possible.
The author has done a perfect job with this book. His unique way of presenting human evolution is astounding and creative. From the good guys to the bad guys, the presentation of each one was superb. The relationships between the main characters are incredible: I am an Ophelia fan, myself, but Lucas, Rainna...well, the list goes on. Let’s just say that every reader will find their favorite(s) along the way. Add to all that the sincere emotions and passion this writer has for his creation, and it makes total sense why you will not be able to put this one down until the very end!
Quill says: A 5-star read that goes beyond the dystopian “norm” and introduces a cavalcade of stars that sci-fi, fantasy, action, and mystery readers will love to meet.

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