Thursday, December 3, 2020

#BookReview - Why Did Chicken Cross the Road? @BooksFrog

Why Did Chicken Cross the Road?: Chicken and Egg Book 2

By: Deborah Stevenson
Illustrated by: David Stedmond
Publisher: Frog Prince Books
Publication Date: November 2020
ISBN: 978-1732541078
Reviewed by: Ellen Feld
Review Date: December 2020

Chicken and Egg are at it again - this time as they try to solve the age-old question of why did the chicken, or in this case Chicken with a capital "C," cross the road?

As the story opens, best-buddies Chicken and Egg are walking along the sidewalk, deep in discussion. They have just come from the pharmacy where Chicken had to pick up some medicine. The two friends can't seem to agree on how to pronounce "antibiotics."

"It's pronounced an-TIE-biotics," said Chicken
..."No, no, NO!" argued Egg. "It is most certainly pronounced an-Tee-biotics!"

Chicken and Egg continue to argue as they cross the road. Once on the other side, Egg asks his friend why he crossed the road. Hmmmm.... Chicken didn't know. "I'm sure I had a reason," he declares. But what was the reason?

Why did Chicken cross the road? The two friends think, and think, and think...and as the author notes, "this went on for a ridiculously long time" (a statement that is repeated often throughout the story, much to the delight of the reader). Egg eventually comes up with an excellent solution - to retrace their steps. Surely if they follow their earlier path, they'll likely discover why they crossed the road. Chicken agrees and off they go.

Chicken and Egg first go to the doctor's office and ask the receptionist for help. She makes some suggestions of what they might have forgotten - a hat, a jacket, a prescription. Nope, nope, nope. None of her suggestions help Chicken remember why he crossed the road. Next, they head to the hardware store. Surely they'll find a clue to why Chicken crossed the road there. Unfortunately, all they find is an annoyed clerk when the two friends make a mess. Will Chicken and Egg ever discover why Chicken crossed the road?

Author Deborah Stevenson has written a treasure-trove of children's books with memorable characters and fantastic illustrations. With her newest series, Chicken and Egg, she has taken the well-known "why did the chicken cross the road" question and created an entire, delightful world for Chicken, Egg, and all their friends. In this, book 2 in the series, Chicken and Egg go on another hilarious adventure that children will love. And in case you're wondering, yes, they do discover why Chicken crossed the road and kids are going to get a giggle when they discover the reason.

Quill says: The Chicken and Egg series is such a fun series - it's funny, clever, and offers up loads of giggles. If you haven't added these books to your child's reading list, don't delay! They will absolutely love Chicken and Egg!

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