Wednesday, November 25, 2020

#BookReview - Stocks, Bonds & Taxes by Phillip B. Chute, EA

Stocks, Bonds & Taxes: A Comprehensive Handbook and Investment Guide for Everybody

By: Phillip B. Chute, EA
Published by: Phillip B. Chute EA
Publication Date: March 31, 2020
ISBN: 978-1-7328855-3-0
Reviewed by: Amy Lignor
Review Date: November 2020

Subtitled, “A Comprehensive Handbook and Investment Guide for Everybody,” the final word in that statement most assuredly is the ultimate selling point of Stocks, Bonds & Taxes. Not only are we all experiencing a rough emotional state in 2020, but small businesses as well as families are suffering financially because of the mess that this pandemic has brought upon us, making this book a critical asset that is needed right now.

This book is definitely aimed at serious investors who are looking their portfolios over and needing that helping hand when it comes to gaining knowledge about what the best ways are to invest in order to not take a header while trying to outlast COVID-19. After all, hiring that financial expert for most is not feasible right now because even though the advice is good (hopefully), those experts expect payment for their services.

When it comes to this "encyclopedia," the author splits the categories up so that they are easily understood and easily researched. The first section, Investments, offers a breakdown into the subcategories of equities, bonds, mutual funds, and other investments available that are not as well known to the public. Every investor is shown and basically walked through the ups and downs of all types of investments, from blue chip stocks and small capital stock to life insurance, mutual fund operations, and even the less talked about items, such as low-income housing credits. In the second section, Life Planning, the reader is given much needed information on financial planning for his/her family, pensions, living trusts, wills, even a break-down of IRAs, the renting/leasing of real estate, and more. A much-needed glossary of terms, as well as an index, provide extra help in order to make sure you are getting as much benefit as you possibly can from this particular advisor.

On that note, this particular author is most definitely giving good advice and can be trusted. Enrolled to Practice before the IRS since 1976, Mr. Chute is both a Registered Investment Advisor and a Registered Security Principal – which means you are getting that ‘helping hand’ from a financial expert with this book, without having to pay the exorbitant bill that most would charge if you set up a meeting.

To say this is a readable book, is putting it simply. Highly organized, each part gives a clear definition of what is going to be discussed. It addresses negative things that can and have happened in the market, while also providing great ‘tips’ for each area that you are interested in investing your money. Highly educational, it is also a casual, informative read that will not cause you to shy away from the terminology, or set it down thinking you’re just “not ready to understand” how best to take care of your money and the financial future of you and yours.

Quill says: Even if we were not living in such anxious times, there are a multitude of reasons why your first investment should be this book.

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